I’m so jealous and now hate my best friend

I set my best friend up with my brother in law, my friend is a single mum, she’s not had much luck with men so I arranged a “meeting”
It was very obvious it was a set up so me and my husband pretended we had to leave.
Next day my friend said she liked him and both had a lot in common, daily my friend would tell me all the gossip.
It seemed like it was going well, I started knowing lots of things about my brother in law and I was so pleased my friend was happy.
My happiness changed very quickly when my friend told me she had sex for the first time with him.
She went into detail about what happened, how he did this, then did that and how big he is.
For the rest of the day I was bitter, never has my husband been anything like what my friend experienced.
The final straw was when she returned from a weekend away, she told me she has never had so much sex in her life, lost count of how many orgasms she had and are planning another weekend away.
I deliberately stopped replying to any calls or texts from her.
Think I married the wrong brother!

4 months ago

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