My ex has a fan siteI now chat w/her everyday & buy her content

My ex does not like me but through a buddy I found out she has a fan site and does camming. I anonymously chat with her daily and buy all of her content. She has no idea it’s me. I watch her masturbate, fuck and suck different dudes and chicks. I blew it with her but I still get to “be with her” virtually. I love watching her fuck mostly.

I also once asked her if she had any old photos from ex boyfriends. I hoped she’d send the ones we made together on her phone ( just my cock in her pussy/mouth without my face). Instead, I got photos of her being shared by two guys without condoms. I asked her when they were taken and it was right around the time we had been dating for a few weeks (I recognized her shirt).

She told me when we were together that I was the first guy she fucked without a condom 🙄 .... based upon her photos/videos and admission on her site... she never used them and had taken the morning after pill on 3 different occasions.

She also said that one day she fucked 3 different guys (separate times) within a 24 hour period with the last one being the guy she was dating and I’m pretty sure that was me. She joked about her “boyfriend” not knowing and adding to her cum milkshake (she’s German so some of her metaphors are stupid).

It gets me horny as fuck hearing the stories and seeing the photos/videos but what gets me really going is hearing about the shit she did while we were together.

3 months ago

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