Feeling the Breeze

Saturday was just two days away and I was excited because Mike and I were going for a long ride in the country. Mike was my older gentleman lover. We had met through a friend of the family and we hit it off right away. I helped him do some remodeling in his basement. It was light work but we had a lot of fun doing the remodel and I learned a few things. One day after doing some work we took a break and had a snack and a soft drink.

We were sitting next to each other on the back porch swing his arm around my shoulder, when out of the blue he asked me,

" Has anybody ever told you that you have the pretties blue eyes and a sexy smile?"

Not knowing what to say, I blushed and shook my head. His arm slipped down to pull me closer to him. And then as if knowing that the next move was for me to lay my head against him, I snuggled into him and then I looked into his eyes. We looked at each other for a few seconds and then he leaned down and touched my lips with his. Electricity went through me. I had never been kissed before. So he and I became secret lovers.

Saturday morning came and I was dressed in a pretty yellow flowered dress that flared out. I put on a red sash around my waist and wore a pair of short heeled red shoes. My long red hair accentuated how I was dressed. When I got into the car Mike reached over and kissed me telling me how lovely I looked. As we rode along I noticed a rock formation and aske if we could stop. I climbed up on a ledge and began to look around, that is when I began to feel the breeze lift up my dress and caress me under my dress. Mike came up behind me and asked how I liked the view as he reached under my dress to caress me. I told him that I loved the view as much as what his hands were doing under my dress. I looked back at him and said,

"Mike honey, fuck me right now. Lets move down to that grassy spot where you can fuck me. Please!!"

He took my hand and led me to the grassy spot where we kissed and fondled each other. Then seeing a small rock nearby I laid across it allowing Mike to push my dress up and slide my panties off. I let out a small gasp as his cock touched the mouth of my male pussy. He fucked me and sucked my clitty dry. When we arrived at home we showered and made love again in his bedroom. I made love to his seven inches of beautiful cock. What memories!!

3 months ago


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    • Couple of queer arseholes

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