So turned on

I lay here every night by myself rubbing my clit, I can't seem to get off any other way unless i grind on something with my clothes on but then that burns and sometimes leaves me bleeding, also it's not as rewarding. At first I struggle with getting myself wet, but once I so oh god the fun never stops, I picture myself tied onto my bed spread out being so embarrassed and ashamed as my captor runs her cold hands all over my body, she traces all around until she gets to the sensitive part above my pussy and if I twitch she goes all the way back and starts again until I dont twitch driving me crazy until eventually she reaches past my sensitive point and plays with my clit. I ask her not to look at it or go near it out of humiliation but she keeps going her face near it looking at me then back at it, sometimes to turn up the humiliation she will breathe or play with my asshole which really drives me crazy. Jesus Christ I wish she was real, if only I could be driven insane by an older woman like that. Especially after being on my period when I don't play with myself and all that sexual tension has been built up the final release is so wonderfull

1 month ago

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    • Boy stop writing as a girl. Only male horny dickheads like you will jerk their cock raw till it bleeds. Women have enough with menstrual blood once a month. They don't want anymore.

    • Said the man who has to change his fuckin tampon all the time

    • I want their menstrual blood! I want their bloody clits all over me. Keep rubbing!

    • Stop dreaming-look actively for the person who can fulfil your fantasy. There are a lot around you. Just closeted.

    • Well, you do sound insane so you are halfway there.

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