My old crush recently passed away 😢

She lived next door when we were kids, I always thought she was beautiful. She was two years younger than me and one year older than my sister, and she spent the night a lot. The first time we were "together", I was 9 and she was 7. She snuck into my room late at night, and we got naked. Neither one of us knew much about sex, so we just kissed, touched each other's privates, and kissed each other's privates. We would hold hands and snuggle on movie nights. Then her father got stationed elsewhere and they moved. I was so sad! But we kept in touch (no pun intended!). They moved back for a short time, then moved back to Texas. A few years later they came back for a little while, and she and I dated. At this point I was 18 and she was 16. What an amazing summer! Her body was unbelievable! Her older sister got knocked up very young, and she didn't want to go through that, so she never let me finish inside her. They moved again at the end of that summer and I haven't seen her since, but kept up with her on Facebook. We both ended up married with kids, me with two and her with three. Then out of the blue I find out via Facebook post that she passed away rather suddenly at 36. I've spent the past two weeks or so thinking about her a lot, how beautiful and wonderful she was...I'm sure gonna miss her, even though we weren't together, the world lost an incredible woman...

Mar 12

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    • Sorry man! Enjoy the memories. Life can have its beautiful moments embrace those ignore the sadness

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