It actually happened

I know that a lot of posters claim that their confessions are true, but are obviously not. They're just dreamers. I'm not. This IS true. Genuinely.
Going back to the mid 70's, my wife & I had been married about 7 years or so. I loved her deeply - still do (we're in our 70's now). She's slim, smallish b****, and looked not unlike a younger version of Felicity Kendal.
We have 2 kids, and at that time they were pretty young - the youngest about 2 years old.
We met when we were both working the summer of 1967 at a holiday camp, and believe me, that year - anything went. I was her first. I took her virginity, but I know that she had at least 2 other lovers that summer. It was that kind of atmosphere. Sun, the pool, the beach... all within 100 yards.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, we married & settled down.
Sometimes in the early hours of the morning, I'd wonder what happened between her & her other lovers. What they did. How they did it. No, I wasn't jealous at all, just curious. And I confess that the pictures in my mind made me h*****.
Our next door neighbours were very similar to us in background & age. I'll call him J. His wife has no part to play in this, so I won't name her. J & I got on well. We'd go for drinks together at the local pub, share confidences, and generally got to be close friends. Once, after probably 3 too many drinks, he mentioned that he found my wife really s***. That could have been the end of a great friendship, but i pretended that I hadn't heard him.
However, I couldn't help thinking about him & my wife doing the kind of things she may have done with her previous lovers, and if I could engineer the situation, I could get to watch.
I tentatively broached the subject with her a few evenings later, not naming J as the other party. At first she was more than just a little bit shocked. More like stunned! I apologized and said that I'd never mention it again. And I didn't. She did, about 3 weeks later.
She told me one evening after making love, that she'd been thinking about what I'd said, and if I really meant it. I said it was a fantasy that came & went, but would probably never really happen. I told her I was so happy with our life that I would never want to spoil what we had by indulging in something so risky. I left it at that.
About a week or so later, J and I were due to go for a boys night out at the local. My wife never came as it wasn't easy to get sitters for the kids. She said that she'd leave a flask of coffee made for us & not to be too noisy when coming in. Of course, we had a few too many (as usual) and although we didn't make a racket, we weren't exactly quiet when we came to my place for coffee.
C (my wife), came down to the living room to tell us to keep the noise down. I was in the kitchen pouring coffee, so J got to see her before I did. It was very quiet as I took the coffee in, because J was sitting with his eyes almost bugging out looking at C. She was wearing a short sheer nightdress with nothing on underneath. It was almost transparent & it was something I'd never seen before. She asked us to keep it down & not wake the kids, then went back upstairs. We drank our coffee, said a shaky goodnight, & J went home.
I found C awake when I came out of the bathroom, & mentioned that I hadn't seen that nightdress before. She said that she'd bought it recently for a special occasion. What occasion? That she'd wear it on the first opportunity to flash another man.Was I REALLY sure that I wanted to see her with someone else? It could be painful. I said it was something I'd have to consider.
Of course, excitement got the better of me. Yes, I DID want to see her with someone else but I didn't want to ruin our lives.
The following day I asked J to give me a hand with some DIY work in the house while C took the kids shopping. Naturally he eventually asked it he'd been dreaming that he'd seen C almost naked. I said he had indeed seen her almost naked, and may see her again if he could keep it between the 3 of us & no-one else. I explained my fantasy to him. Said it was purely physical and not emotional. No threat to his wife & family or mine. It may only happen once - if at all - or a couple of times. It all depended on how we all felt about it. But if she said STOP, then that was it. No more. He agreed.
Nothing much happened for about a month as circumstances were against us. Sickness with one of the children, J had to visit family in the north, usual stuff. But eventually we went for a drink together again. This time we kept the booze to a minimum. We were both nervous. Watching the clock. By 10.30pm we'd both had enough of the tension & went back to my place.
It was quiet when we went in. No TV. Low lights, soft music. No C. I found her in the bathroom drying off, She said that she hadn't expected us for another half-hour. I asked her not to get dressed, but she did.
The three of us were in the living room, just chatting, but you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife - a blunt one. I volunteered to make coffee & went to the kitchen. During the process I looked through the hatch to see C sitting on J's lap, kissing him and he had his hand down the front of her pants. It was the most erotic sight I'd ever seen, then - or since. I went back & said that they probably didn't want coffee after all.
We went to our bedroom, undressed & got into bed. Lots of fondling & kissing between them. Eventually he laid on her and I put his c*** in her. They f***** for quite a while and eventually both reached o*****.
I had mine after he went home.
It happened on two more occasions over the next 4 months, but he and his family moved north because of his job, sadly. It was the only time this situation occurred, as fantasy became reality and I didn't really need it anymore. But it could so easily have gone wrong.
I love her. More than words could ever say, and after nearly 53 years of marriage, I'm glad it didn't go wrong.
Well, that's my tale. Some won't believe it some may.
But I KNOW the truth of it.

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  • My wife took a lot more convincing but when she did, we were both glad. She first targeted her ex-boyfriends, the ones she always said "No" to because she was saving herself for marriage. I found I loved coming home from work to find her very freshly used. They guys always thinking she was sneaking around on me, being none the wiser. We stopped when we started having children. We are still together and those are still happy memories we still reminisce fondly of

  • I could never watch another guy fuck my wife let alone help guide his cock into her. But I did have a friend in the 80’s eat her out while I kissed her passionately. He was on leave from the Marines.
    It is our kinky lasting memory of the past.

  • Congratulations on having such a hot memory to spice up 53 years of marriage.

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