Was addicted to masturbation when I was young...

When I was young I got addicted to masturbation. My 1st introduction to it was by an older cousin who seemed to get turned on jerking off in front of me and eventually talked me into jerking off while he watched. But I soon found myself jerking off when ever I got the chance. An it seemed to really turn me on to walk around naked when no one was home stroking my cock and knowing if someone were to look in a window could see me. And I wasn't even in my teen's yet.

I jerked off in every place in the house and as I got older became bolder an took more chances on getting caught. Once walking in front of a window I knew a lady mail carrier couldn't help but see me through. Naked with a hard on she couldn't miss seeing. An I got so turned on any time I'd see her knowing she'd seen me nude stroking my cock. I was probably 16 by then and she was in her 30'/40's and I really think she'd liked what she'd seen.

I'd even have to jerk off at school before I could get through the day. But once I became more sexually active this trend passed. But I often wonder just how many people actually saw me during my younger days.


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  • I totally understand, I got caught playing with myself in the shower when my 16 year old cousin who was staying with us walked in. I was actually jacking off to her. She’s was very attractive.
    JWhen I got out she brought it up and I told her to mind her own business and if she didn’t like what she saw to do something about it.
    We slept in the same bedroom separate beds.Late in the middle of the night I feel a hand trying to rub on my crotch area. I noticed it was her and she told me she was doing something about it. I felt her hand touching it and that was more than I could have ever expected. After getting me rock hard she puts it in her mouth and for the first time I explode in a mouth instead of making a mess. She swallows it all for the rest of the summer she came over to my bed and sucked and swallowed me.Later on around the college years she tries desperately to hang out. Attending any party I was at etc. I had a girlfriend and we were older but it didn’t make any sense. She finally gave up and Now if you look at her today she is one of the most beautiful women I ha e ever seen and easily photogenic. I miss that summer Nora V

  • Sounds like my own misspent ( he said "spent!" heh-heh ! ) youth, but, I had the added burden of hypersexual compulsivity, and did that on into adulthood. I was at my highest level of activity around twenty-six years old, going so far as getting nude in public places and masturbating, risking arrest, job loss, relationships ruined, all that shit. I was very lucky I never got caught, and Father Time took care of the hypersexual compulsivity thing .

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