Why does teasing get me high?

I like the feeling I get when my stepdad and his friend are eyeing me. They react differently than guys my age. I am 16, curious, mostly horny, smart, and sexy. My stepdad is off limits but is it normal to like to tease him? I have even given an accidental slip from time to time. I once pretended to accidentally walked in on dad when he was nude. He is sexy, muscular, and endowed. I fantasize of having him and his friend at the same time in the pool. I have a boyfriend, but he does not excite me and we are pretty much just friends. And it's not just because his penis is a puny. My mom doesn't know and she tells me I am too young to have sex. Apparently she doesn't know how much I masturbate. I want to know what is going on with me, my teasing, showing, my fantasies. I am looking to find what other girls my age advise. I cannot be the only one out of control.

3 months ago

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    • Do a threesome

    • YOUR A FUCKING MALE DICK HEAD! Incest is for imbeciles too homely, retarded, unwanted and mentality unstable to have a relationship with anyone outside of their family. You are a loser dude get over it or kill yourself! We hope you choose suicide because nobody wants to pay for your help since you can't!

    • Masturbate more and find what works. Experiment. Try your clit and not just vagina. Edge. Read and try what other girls do. Water pressure is my favorite. Sounds like you are not having a big enough orgasm to leave you satisfied for awhile. You are snackin and not getting a full meal.
      Or maybe dump your boyfriend and find one that can handle you.
      Share your problems with your mother.

    • It is a guy who wrote this Dumb Fuck!!!

    • Indeed its hot to show and tease yourself to older men. they have more life experience, most know how to please a woman and love to watch younger girls and women. Just enjoy, don't act

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