I haven't told my wife

I was over at Tim's place last weekend and I was chatting with the people there. A couple asked me if I enjoyed being with a couple and I said yes so they got up and told me to get in the car. Both of them are 22 and I am 58. She is very pretty with C size tits and he is 110 lbs. As we went a few blocks she asked me if I enjoyed oral and I said yes giving and receiving. They pulled in the garage and closed the door and we went inside. She and he was stripping as they walked in and she said that we all needed to shower. So they got in first and I was now stripping down and they had a huge shower 🚿🚿 I went in and she handled me a wash cloth and soap we all soaped each other and we rinsed off then got dry and walked in to the bedroom. She pulled out a strap on and put it on her. He was hard with a 4 1/2" dick. And she told him to bend over and she put some lube on his asshole and was rubbing her dildo up and down his crack. I spread his ass cheaks opening up his hole. It popped when he opened up. She commented that he had to much cock last night and I grabbed his nuts. He now had his head on the bed I was rubbing his nuts and she was inserting a 10" dildo in that open hole. He let out a little moan and I squeeze those nuts. Then she started fucking him fast and hard. His nuts got hard and he was shooting on the floor then he was dry cuming. She pulled out and told him to lick up his mess and she said you are next. I grabbed her and threw her on her back on the bed and took off her strap on and told hubby to lick it clean. And don't get up until the floor is clean and he had the dildo down his throat with the control nob at his lips. I looked at the drawer where she got the dildo and took out a 12" purple vibrator. Then I fucked her pussy as hard as she fucked his asshole. She had all 12" of it in when I stuck my dick into her mouth. She had all 7" in her mouth and throat. I was fucking her pussy hard and neck at the same time. Then I pulled out my dick and he was on his knees with the button on his lips and I turned it on high and told him to jack off. She is on her back and I grabbed her feet and lifted them over her head she was cuming hard and moaning loud then she would let out a yell. Then I shoved my dick in with her dildo now on high vibration and she was cumming and squirting and he shoot his load all over her face. I told him to lick her face clean . I pulled out of her pussy and I told him to fuck her hard with the 12" dildo. And to put his mouth next to her open mouth and I took turns sliding my hard on in her mouth and then his mouth after a few minutes I was cuming in both mouths. He then was licking my nuts dick and then my asshole she was watching him lick me and I slid my hard on in her mouth again and when he stuck his toung in my asshole I grabbed his head and I filled her mouth with a huge load. Then I told her to stick her tongue in my asshole. She tongue fucked me for a half hour and I came in his mouth 2 times as she tongue my ass. I am going back next weekend and I told him she will be getting her asshole fucked good and hard.

3 months ago

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