Should I ask about the bras and panties?

I was on a call with a single friend where we were chatting about life. She made a comment about not having much laundry because she usually wears a t-shirt, shorts, and socks. Of course I'm thinking no bra and no panties but I was too afraid to ask.

I had a nice bulge starting to grow in my pants as the conversation continued. One head was saying "ask about the bra and panties". The other said "keep it clean". And then she started talking about not having a man for the past 9 months and that she needs to be touched. Guess which head won.

The conversation continues:
Me: do you usually wear panties?
Her: no
Me: why don't you touch it.
Her: (silence)

I thought I went too far. Then...
Her: now what?
Me: is it warm?
Her: yes.
Me: is it wet.
Her: not yet. Is it hard?

At this point, I have my rock hard dick in my hand slowly stroking it.

Me: yes it is hard.
Her: oooo. That's making me wet.
Me: do you prefer toys or fingers?
Her: both. I'll be right back.
Her: ah, that's better.
Me: that sound strong.
Her: ssshh! Stroke that cock and!

At this point she put me on speaker. She was cooing and moaning with the buzz of her vibrator in the background. I was intensely listening and pumping my cock. Then I heard the phone move and the buzz got louder and I could hear the splashing of her wet pussy. She moaned "Yes! Yes!

Her: Are you ready?"
Me: Yes.
Her: oh yes oh yes, I, I, I'm cumming! Oooooo
Me: yes! yes!

I shot my load all over my chest and stomach. And she was breathing heavy.

Her: what just happened?
Me: it sounded like you had some pent-up energy.
Her: I guess. But damn! That was intense.
Me: I am here if you need to release more energy.
Her: good to know.
Me: post-pandemic,, we can do this in person.
Her: only masturbate?
Me: whatever works for you. We could masturbate, suck, lick, or fuck. Your choice.
Her: okay. Really. I'm going to have to think about that.
Her: I will talk with you later. I have some thinking to do. Bye.
Me: bye.

As we ended the call, I could hear the vibrator starting back up.

What a great call!
I'm sure glad I asked!

3 months ago

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    • What’s her number?

    • I would love to have you run my vibrator on my pussy for me and cheer for me to come. I had a man come over to my house and he did that with me. I'd have 3 orgasms every time he came over and it was so fun. I ended it because he never fucked me once and I got bored of never fucking. I like to cum and then fuck and cum and then cuddle. I love to kiss a man while I'm orgasming it is so pleasurable. I have 32DDD boobs, and a tight ass body as I workout every day. I also have a beautiful face and men go crazy over me. I love being beautiful as it makes life so much better to have this power to make men swoon and stare at me. I love sex too.

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