Not Going to Tell My Husband...

Not going to tell my husband that his brother is way better in bed and his sister-in-law is a very delicious bi-girl. And I am definitely not telling him that they are going to take me to a Swingers Club next week.
I do love my husband, but he works too long and buries himself in his sport come the weekend. I have been playing with my SIL and BIL for a while now and they finally convinced me to go with them. So I am taking their offer and going to my first Swinger party. Not sure if I will do anything besides chat and drink, but who knows

I know I should not ask, but is there any thing you will not tell your husband, ladies?

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  • About 10 years ago my hot wife Jill's girlfriend sort of accidentally on purpose outed her. "Jill, doesn't he remind you of Bob at the hotel that night-- wink wink." Later, OK, you had sex with Bob at the hotel? Expecting something way more innocent. "That big mouth Linda, you would never known. But he looked like young Brad Pitt. Perfect Storm for me until god damn Linda... He was a lifeguard at their beach on our girls' vacation. They had sex all night and she gave a you're welcome blowjob in the morning. I put her in the dog house for a month, made her go to her chick doctor for VD test. "my husband wants your written verification." so she had to fess up to her too. (the bitch high 5ed her)
    I used Jill as bait on a cruse to fuck some ugly guy's hot wife, she slept with him.
    Something I'd never do if she was faithful. I know what she's capable of, so why not use her to get side pussy myself. She was a little curt when I told her my plan. Just make believe he's Tom Cruse's fat brother.
    You're going to get caught.

  • Yeah. That I waste time reading crap like this.

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