Embarrassing party

This took place a long time ago. We were invited to a back yard party one summer night. It was hot as hell so it was to be a pool party.
My wife accepted right away. My wife couldn't wait to get into one of her skimpy bathing suits, by bathing suit I mean one of those suits that has a thong for the bottom and two strips of cloth that barely cover her nipples.
Did i mention that my wife has a drop dead body and loves to show it off, she has never stopped working out since college. She takes boxing lesions, and MMA lesions as well. She has never fought in the ring or anything like that but I know she can defend herself if she has to. I saw her bend some guys arm back when he tried to touch her, he begged her to let go as he was in lots of pain.
Well it was party night and we were all there drunk and having lots of fun.
One of the guys , a skinny little loud mouth was bragging and shooting off his mouth while making a pest of him self to my wife.
My wife is a calm woman , she knew she could beat the living shit out of this little rat any time she wanted.
As you can guess he put his hands on my wife and she threw him over on to the ground , she then jumped on him and had him in a sleeper hold which he could not get out of. He was thrashing about but my wife had him under control and slowly knocked him out. She then striped him and had every one take pics of him with her on top of him in the sleeper hold. She pulled his head up from the ground by his hair as if to have him as a trophy.
How embarrassing it was for this little rat, he never knew what hit him. There he was naked on the ground with my wife beating the shit out of him.
My advise to all you guys who think your shit doesn't stink, be careful when you try some shit on a lady, she might kick your stupid ass.

3 months ago


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    • Another long time ago pool party. Smoking hot wife Jill and I, and our friends Hot Linda and Jim skinny dip in our pool. it's surrounded by shrubs, tree line and our house. It's pretty private. We've been skinny dipping in the river since our teens. We feel funny when new people come and we wear suits. I always get a good look at Linda, Jim returns the favor with Jill. The girls like showing off for trusted friends. Jill used strip at a bar 1st week of hunting season 100 miles away where no one knew her -- she loved it -- till I asked her not to. The neighbor Bob is a school principle, Bible thumped but a nice guy. I'm sure he thinks we have suits on when he hears us. We get a little rowdy with the game we play, keep the beach ball from Linda and Jim. Anyway the ball leaves the pool on the grass. Jill and Jim dive after the ball, Jill gets it first and Jim is bulling her to get it away. They're rolling around naked on the grass. Jill has control, she's on knees holding the ball, Jim is riding her back -- almost like he's fucking her doggie style. When I look up there's Bob with his mouth open by the fence, 10 feet from the 2 naked wrestlers. -- he wants to borrow my spare LP tank.

    • This sounds like a fake tale to me.

    • Nobody cares what you think , asshole.

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