I went myself drunk and my date loved it

I am in college, and I recently met a guy at a party, he was cute, we swapped numbers and arranged a date. Neither of us has a car so we went somewhere near campus and walked. As we were walking back after a pretty good date I felt like I really needed to pee. We had been out drinking, and I'd drunk alot and forgotten to go to the bathroom. I realised I would not make it back so had to tell my date, and then really quickly per. There was a bit of grass by the side of the road, I lifted my skirt, but before I could lower my panties I just need myself. There was no point in dropping my panties now so just tried to save my shoes and skirt from this waterfall of per coming from my drenched panties.
I looked up in shame at my date, but he was smiling. I nearly cried as I thought he was laughing at me, but then he said he thought it was hot. I was embarrassed and supprised.
I removed my drenched panties under my skirt so not to flash, and flung them in a bush and we carried on back in silence.
In the morning I had a text from him saying he wanted to see me again and shamefully admitted being turned on watching me pee.

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  • I have agreed to go on another date and I'm gonna just come out and ask him whether he has a pre fetish or if it's just a misunderstanding. Not sure what the plan is if he likes it lol

  • Had something like this happen, but I tossed my panties before I pissed behind a bush. He was playing lookout, but I know he was just watching me. I don’t really remember starting, but I remember him finishing in me, then leaving an alley maybe? I definitely remember being home, waking up on my porch.

  • So piss on him in the shower and get laid.

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