Woke this morning around 4a the wife on top riding,fell asleep

As the title says I woke up this morning in the dark bedroom depositing a load in the wife as she rode me from above and it was really good. Then fell back to sleep...
After I got up around 7a having coffee I realized the wife was still at work not due home until 8a.. WTF
I'm horrified, my two step daughters a year apart and way to young for sex,or so I thought. No doubt it was one of them, but which one?..I don't know what to do? I'm pretending it didn't happen for the short term? Wait and observe the girls behavior. And then what I'm not sure?.I've never looked at either girl in a sexual manor before.
On the outside chance it was the wife playing, I mentioned I dreamed she was doing me in my sleep as she has in the past...She laughed and said she'd been at work all night..She's an EMT. This has complicated the family dynamics and I'm not sure how to handle it..



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  • Don't worry till one starts showing a belly lol

  • Fuck you and your lol crap. NFLOL asshole!

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