" you did it didn't you"

After 5 years in a nowhere going in relationship my boyfriend and I grew apart so i was talking to one of my close girlfriends about it and she told me how she spiced up her marriage ... hire a professional photographer and take some sexy pictures and give it to him... well i wasn't really interested in that but i thought about it since he's always looking at naughty picts on the internet i decided to go for it ... I asked who was capable of doing so and how trustworthy was the photographer... she told me the name and gave me the number .. after a few days i got the nerve to call and set up an appointment.. but first we had to meet in person on a coffee shop to talk business and make me comfortable .... we set it up for a workday that way it wouldn't be noticeable , i called in sit that day packed some sexy outfits and heels and off i went with my heart in my throat ... when i got to the studio he closed the shop and made me comfortable told me where to get dressed and he would make a pot of coffee .... I finally stepped out extremely embarrassed and he gave me thumbs up with a nice wow... told me to sit relax and drink some coffee ..afterwards i went to my posing mode i posed spread my legs / bend over / the whole works but surprisingly i was getting turned on by all this i could feel my pussy getting juicy ..so he told me to show some lip with i did before long i was totally naked spreading my pussy for the camera and i was getting really horny he told me to show some pussy juice i put 2 fingers in my pussy and rubbed my juice all over it.. he really was impressed by it and said it must taste good i laughed and told him to taste it....... good grief that was one of the best cuniculus i ever had just before i was Cuming he took off his pants and the best long thick cock i ever seen ... ohhh yes i know where you're putting this i said very confidentially he knew exactly where and how to use i t.. my heart grew in excitement as he entered me and gave me the full treatment and took no care how i rubbed and pinched my nipples' as he fucked me hard and deep just as i got off with one of my strongest orgasms he grunts out loud i pull him as deep as i could and held him there as i fucked him wiggling my pussy and gyrating my hips to milk all his sperm deep in my pussy... wow that was one of the best fucks i ever had ...i clean myself up and get dressed he hands over the disks of my pictures and says wow you're a good fuck i hope your boyfriend realizes that ... i smile and thanked him.. the next day when i arrived at work my girlfriend came up to me and asked me about it and i said yes i got the picture's done but i don't think i'll show him ....... she looked at me and laughed and then she said .... "YOU DIT IT DIDN'T YOU ".. apparently the same thing happened to her and she wouldn't show her husband the pictures either she also took pictures afterwards and her pussy looked like she fucked a freight train and i'm sure her husband would have asked how she got all streched out ... she's gone back a few times for a cpl of fucks but no pictures .. i think i'll be heading there myself for some etra activity.....

4 months ago

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    • Yeah my wife admitted to me that before we were married when she was 21,she was on holiday with her friends on a Spanish island. She had a massage at the hotel then the guy invited her to come to a bar later with her friends. They hit it off and flirted and the next time she had a massage from him he took it as an invite and started rubbing her pussy. She said at first she was shocked and didn't know what to do but he knew what he was doing so she laid back and let him bring her to orgasm then when he was done they both acted normal.

    • You not going to end it with
      Your bf??

    • So you're not bothered about your relationship anymore then?

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