How can I get her to see other men

A stranger asked my wife for a date. When she told me , I kidded that it would be okay
Fact is , it really aroused me and I would like to find a way to convince her to accept other men’s advances with my approval

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  • After our second child was born our sex life hit a wall mostly because of me really,my sex drive went down hers went up. She gave up work too and was getting bored and frustrated. She then told me that a guy from her old job had sent her a message asking if she'd like to go for a drink. I eventually told her that there's no harm in a drink,so she actually met up with him. While I sat working in my office late,the kids in bed,my wife out,my mind wandered to my wife hooking up with this guy and them sleeping together. I really don't know how that entered my head but I have to admit it made me hard. I dabbled in porn sometimes as it's all I have time for,just a quick stroke and I'm usually done in under 10 minutes. So I got some porn on searching for cheating wives and some hot videos came on,I watched a nice one while thinking of my wife getting a thorough pounding from that guy and my load erupted after about 6 minutes, I lay back and felt incredible. Sometime later......

  • Sometime later my wife came back and she said she had a good time. I wasn't at all tired and quite awake probably because of the wank and the dirty thoughts I'd had. Once in bed I cuddled my wife and she felt my erection and responded to it,by squeezing it. She was in the mood for sex. Did hanging out with that guy make her horny, had something happened between them. She pulled off my boxers and stroked my cock then sucked me hungrily,not to leave her hanging,I spun round and under her and ate her pussy. I was somewhat disappointed as i expected a used pussy taste as i licked her deep but she soon got wet from my licking and tongue poking. Next she jump on top and slid her wet pussy on me and rode me for a long lasting 20 minutes and she got herself off too. As she lay on me recovering from her orgasm I kept thrusting into her thinking of another guys cock unloading a heavy load of cum and that pretty soon after made me shoot into her. She kissed like horny teens as she leaked back onto me and I knew our fun had only just begun.

  • Mine loves to play when she's out of town or on a girl's night out. She loves to relive her college days, fucking any guy that looks her way, but we have an agreement that it needs to stay separate from our daily life.

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