My wife and I were kissing and cuddling in bed. I was naked and she was wearing a pretty baby doll nightie and silky side tie panties with soft lace trim. I was extremely aroused, especially when she turned around so that we were in the 69 position.

Unable to resist, I pulled at her panty ribbons and got a wonderful view of her cleanly shaved pussy. I leaned forward and breathed in her natural wonderful scent. Just as I began to lick, I felt a different sensation down below. I asked her what she was doing to find she was putting her panties on me.

I asked her not to and she just giggled. I decided to stop there and then and attempted to push her off me. I soon realised that my arms were pinned by her legs. I tried to turn over but couldn't. She was in a stronger more stable position to me! I reached out with my feet to find something to push against but there was nothing. My kicks and struggles seemed to help her slide the silky cloth underneath me and the more I struggled, the more pathetic I felt and the more humiliated I became. I was whining like a child as I felt her draw the soft silk and lace up between my legs and felt her tiny fingers tie each ribbon. My wife had dressed me in her panties. From being a highly aroused male, I felt like a helpless little girl! She gently rubbed at me as she held me and kept slipping her hand into the lacy hem to stroke me. Moments later, I orgasmed.

I had hoped that this humiliation was over as she left the room, giggling. When she returned, I heard the bath running. She suggested I needed a bath and change of panties!

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  • I don't were her panties but certainly like to taste the sweat & dirt them after they r used by wife. Specially when they get dirty by the stains escaped by the side of her pads during her periods. Npw thats nasty I kno but it turns me on & makes her horny. As she likes to were all kinds of skirts I also ask her to take her panty off & I put them inside my pocket. But we were out with my friend & his eife, we had to encounter embarrassment. As the ladies were few steps up it made my wife's bare bottom( as she was wearing a short skirt) visible to my friend. He look surprised & could not resist peeping through her skirt. Later I narrated the whole incident & we laughed off. the next day the both the ladies decided to give us a big surprise came out with us both wearing very short dresses with no panties. At 1st I & my friend we very nervous but once the ladies started climbing up stairs we felt that we r the luckiest husbands. Later they joined us at our home for dinner. We played some light naughty games which very soon turned out to b erotic massage & love making

  • Wow thats awesome. Do they still move pantyless. How is ur relationship with ur friends wife and ur wife's relation with ur frnd. Once my gf came pantyless in her class & the all the boys got boner

  • I love to jerk off in my wife's panties. She was going shopping the other day & asked what I had planned. I told her I was going to rub one out in a pair. She laughed & told me to have fun. Later she asked what pair I used & it made her pussy wet knowing I was jerking off into her panties!!

  • You can get male specific panties and bras from the net I wore my wife's for about 5 months and she was getting a bit peeved about it till one of her friends told her about her husband wearing them and where he gets his so we tried the site and they are so great sexy and fit virtually perfectly if you select the correct size everybody is happy now and we discuss with her friend and husband our male purchases not gay or strange just like them

  • You should get used to it you can have a great time and don't have to have a small cock and balls my wife used to take me shopping for panties and bras and ensured the assistant knows they are for me Its fun you should see the young sexy red faced girls when they are asked to comment over the last year I have found specific male sites for panties bras etc. and they fit just great I am so luckey my wife understands

  • My wife said my underwear was boring so she bought me a pair of panties. I put them in, and instant hardon. She has bought me several pair, and I wear them to bed for her. She likes to watch me mastrubate while wearing them.

  • You must be a little guy, no way my wife could put her knickers on me, they are just too small and too lovely all frilly and stuff.
    Saying that she often puts them on my head so I can breath in the natural pussy smell. Wow if she has had a pair of knickers on all day they smell grrrreat.

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