I get aroused very turned on when my wife shares her past sexual experiences with me

Aug 7
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    • When I saw the number of photos that my wife had saved over the years, I could tell that many of these guys had money, were CEO types, and bought her expensive things and took her to exotic places. I realized that she didn’t get that good at fucking and sucking cock by reading. If I pull some pictures out of her collection and ask her who he was and where were these taken, I find some of these guys were 30 - 30 years older, had their on planes and big boats. She denied being an escort, but said her friends tried to set her up with well off guys who were largely single. Give her a couple of glasses of wine and she’s more receptive to talking! She knows that when she starts talking, my cock gets even harder and thicker, as she tells me how she learned how to be a great cock sucker and loves to milk the cum out of their cocks after she gives them a BJ. Guys wanted that because they didn’t want to have their Vicks sucked and then feel cum oozing out of their Vicks into their $1000 pants after she gave them a quick BJ. She preferred that to being fuck every time they got horny during the day.

    • I wish mine would

    • My wife and I grew up in the 70's, they were some wild times. Most women, not all are very vanilla in their recounting stories of their youth.
      I have a lot in common with the one writer as my wife just poo poos me when I have asked her about what she did in HS, after all it was the 70's. I had heard a lot of rumors, which again she passed off as fluff.
      About 8 years ago she had a dozen of her (her words) closest friends stop by. Mostly women, but there were 3 guys along too.
      I did interact with any of them and they went out for a m eal and I guessed they clubbed a bit and then sat around the pool and drank and reminisced. I heard things that definitely confirmed the rumors that the wife said was not true and I just didn't hear from her friends but from her own mouth. The shit you hear when you don't have a camera, recorder, or a phone.
      Days after they left I confronted her about some of her lies, again she denied as she didn't know that I could hear them from my study. After all these years I thought that I could trust you. She then apologized before I could go any further. Still I have no trust for that woman.

    • While my future wife was fucking other guys in college, we were just friends. She would tell me about her being fucked and by whom. When I finally asked her out she said yes and we were soon a couple and fucked four or five time a week. After we dated for a while, she asked me why I didn't ask her out sooner and that she was telling me about her lovers to make me jealous and ask her out.

    • I was like you. I enjoyed hearing my wife's past sexual stories. Then we got into swinging. I promise you this. It will take your relationship to the next level!
      If she enjoys talking about her past. Lean into asking if there is a person she would like to have sex with now. It's easer than you think to get her into it.

    • When I was younger I'd get jealous, after 30 years of marriage I am surprisingly turned on by hearing her version of her interludes.
      She has a BFF who she doesn't like to visit when I am there. I am in no way sexually intrested in her, but found out that I can ply her with good food and drink and she will recount her days as a wingman for the wife. I'll say we'll Kate says you all did this and when she's had too much to drink she'll laugh and say no that not what happened and will go on, much to the wife's chagrin and a lot of times to her embarrassment, because the wife has told a very different tamer version or just outright said it didn't happen.

    • Welcome to the husband club!
      My wife had some 30 lovers before we met in our late 30's.
      So.....she has a bucket full of sexy stories to tell me when we're in bed fucking!
      Every now & then we run into someone she has fucked. Try as she might - I can always tell if these two have fucked - if this guy has fucked her - or tasted her pussy - or if she has swallowed his cum.
      She's amazed that I can always spot these guys she's bed to bed with.

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