Did I do something terrible?

I am 18 and a senior in high school. I live with my mom in Westchester, New York. My mom and dad have been separated for almost two years, but haven't gotten a divorce. My dad still comes by sometimes and stays the night. I can hear my mom moaning so I know they are having sex. Our home is off the beaten path and very private. It has a modest. sized pool and mom bought a hot tub that holds four people easily.

Before I go further, I must tell you that my mom is a hottie. She is only 38 and has a body to die for. She is slender, about 115 pounds, 5'7", long black hair, breasts that are mouth watering, and a very inviting ass. Oh yea, she has the smoothest pussy I have ever seen.

One day, I was getting dressed and still in my underwear and my mom was in her bedroom when I heard her swearing. It was very unusual so without thinking, I ran to her room to see what was the matter.

I just opened the door only to see my mom naked, with her legs spread, blood dripping down her thigh, and a razor in her hand.

"Mom, are you ok?" I asked.

"I am fine. I just cut myself shaving, as you can see."

I could not help but take notice of my mom's nakedness and my cock started to get aroused and visible. Mom must have noticed me getting hard because she told me I should leave before my friend makes an appearance. I looked down and apologized for my erection. I asked her again if she was ok, once she said yes, so I left.

I went to my room with my now very hard cock and started jacking off. I tried to think of girls, but I couldn't get my mom's nakedness out of my mind. Without realizing it, I suddenly was shooting loads of my cum on my stomach. I didn't mean to do it and I feel guilty for thinking of my mom when I came.

I'm a virgin but I have never cum so much, or had my cock twitching so long afterwards. Am I a terrible son?

4 months ago

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