Not sure what to think

I caught my wife eating pussy. I'm not sure what to think about this. My wife is 43 and we've been married 17 years. We've been fine the whole time. Our lives are good and we love each other and have rarely argued about anything.

We like to have small dinner parties at our place where we'll invite usually 4 to 6 people over. It's fun to have company on the weekends. We had some people over and my wife said she was going out to the deck to have a cigarette with Patty, who is the wife of a friend of mine. I didn't think much of it. We've known my friend for years, but Patty is pretty new to our circle, as she married my friend last year.

After about 10 minutes, a guy friend of mine said "Hey, there is some rug munching going on out on the deck." I looked out one of the windows, and sure enough, my wife was eating out Patty while they both had cigarettes in their hands. Patty's jeans and panties were around her knees, and so were my wife's. I didn't know what to do, so I left them alone to get each other off. Patty's husband was inside with me and he thought it was funny, and just said "Let the girls be girls."

My wife has never exhibited bi tendencies in our entire relationship, so it was a shock. We've also been completely monogamous up to this incident. When my wife and Patty came back in, I said, "How'd she taste?" My wife blushed and just said "Sorry, but we were horny."

After everyone left, my wife and I had a chat about what happened. She said Patty initiated the flirting, and that they both got really turned on and they needed to get off. I asked if she would ever want to be with her again, and she said "Only if it's okay with you."

I don't know whether to give her the green light on this or not. It kind of pisses me off and I'm not good at sharing. But I would rather her fuck around with a woman than a man. I'm really a bit pissed off about this.

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  • Go with the flow, let her have a fling. Maybe she will let you tape the whole thing. With any luck you may get lucky.

  • I'll never forget the first time I kissed my wife and clearly tasted another woman's pussy on her lips. It was the high point of my sexual life up to that point. She's been with many more women than men, and I don't know which turns me on more: watching her cum while another woman is eating her, or watching a woman lose her mind and cum loudly, legs shaking, as my wife eats her pussy.
    Either way, it's pure art.

  • Horseshit

  • Let your wife and Patty play whenever they want as long as she gives you sex whenever you want.
    My wife has a lesbian lover and the situation is so great because they have no fear of being caught, sometimes I even watch and encourage them

  • What?

    You are hetro and monogamous for 17 years of marriage, and then you suddenly eat pussy at a dinner party in sight of other people?

    There is more to her story, dude.

  • Yeah, the whole thing sounds too implausible. Wife and a "friend" pop outside to make love to their cigarettes and wind up in oral copulation. And, she would do it again, " Only if it's okay with you ", which is hilarious since he wasn't asked to begin with. This is bullshit, or, not the true story.

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