Seduced by an old man

I am a happily married mature man in his seventies. About 5 years ago I confessed what I am about to tell you to my long suffering wife.
I was in my early teens, heard plenty about sex at school but never had a single experience.
The local school crossing man was probably in his sixties, a thick moustache and weighing about 17 stone. After crossing me over the road he got very chatty and eventually asked if I would assist him by carrying his bag to his house once his crossing duties had finished; I cheerfully agreed.
Arriving at his small cottage he sat me down, gave me a glass of milk and placed himself alongside me on the large couch.
He complimented me endlessly on my looks, thick dark hair and good legs, which I readily accepted with a shy smirk.
It became a little more confusing when during his continual compliments he rested his hand on my thigh and started stroking and squeezing; even more confusing when his hand nudged the end of my penis; even more so when my penis started to stir and respond to his occasional and purposeful touch.
Obviously his well rehearsed and experienced approach would be aware of my quickened breathing, besides, my cock had now stiffened considerably and was visually prominent in my jeans.....from that point his stare never left my crotch, which only served to arouse me more.
"Oh dear, what's happened here"; through my jeans his hand then rested firmly on my stiff penis; giving it a squeeze he asked me if it was nice, he knew it was!
"Can I see it?" I gave my approval through a nervous nod and smirk. His old fingers fumbled as he reached for my zipper, "Can you undoe your jeans?"
I obeyed without question and pulled my zipper down to expose white Y fronts straining to keep in my erection.
Pulling down the waistband of the Y fronts his eyes widened in excitement as my pale young cock sprang out.
He continued his soft spoken compliments as his fingers gently took hold of my cock and gently pulled down the foreskin to expose the pink head.
Moving closer and sensing his increased excitement and breathing, I felt his other hand slide across my belly and up onto my chest, then down between my thighs and caress my testicles.
He said that the zip of my jeans was scratching his hand and can I take them off; standing up and with his help, I pushed my jeans to the floor and felt his hand run up the back of my thigh and between my buttocks, my cock at his eye level.
Sitting back down he resumed his gentle pulling back of my foreskin. It was all too much, an almighty shudder run through my body and I was completely taken over by this wonderful but confusing sensation.
"Now look what's happened, why didn't you tell me!" Looking at him through glazed eyes, aware of my nakedness and still pulsating testicles, he was annoyed that I did not warn him of my impending ejaculation. He was however, now gently wiping my stomach and pubic hairs of my clear white sticky sperm with his handkerchief. "Next time tell me when it is happening so I can catch it in my handkerchief".
With still trembling legs I left the house, however, I was to return on many occasions when the mood would take me.
As for telling my wife, she now often verbally repeats the experience when stroking my cock in order to enhance and quicken my pleasure.

4 months ago

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