Is my sister in law sexually attracted to me or she just wants dr

So my brother and his wife have been together for 15 years (highschool sweethearts). She is pretty decent looking and has a nice body with some pretty big boobs. They are both 30 now and I'm 27. In the first 5 years of their relationship her and I didn't get along that much. She always been a drama queen and she likes to instigate shit.But as years went by we started to be really close to each other and have a very good relationship to this day. Now that I'm older I start to remember about little things she has done in the past and she is currently doing. In the past when we used to live together she used to come out her room while I was on the living room and she used to pretend to be looking for stuff under the couch and she used to bend over all the time, I didn't think too much of it but I just tried not to look. There would be times she would sit next to me to have a conversation but she would touch my leg and rub it. I could've rubber her back or something but I knew it was wrong. Time goes by and she still to this day she bends over whenever she gets a chance in front of me. One time we were all at my parents house and she told me to go to the guest room because she had something to show me, when I got there she was in doggystyle position and it was hard for me not to check her out. She had a v neck shirt and he tits were damn near all out. I tried to make eye contact with her so it won't be obvious I was looking at her ass and tits. Also, what she wanted to show me was very stupid so I really think she wanted me to see her bent over like that. From that day every time we would get together she would wear shirts that would show her boobs a lot. Also, to this day I swear she tries to rub her tits on me. There has been countless times were she would look for me and get close to me and I would feel her pressing her boobs on me. Sometimes her boobs feel really good and just want to squeeze them but I know I won't. Now, I just want to know if she really wants to fuck or get touched or just start family drama. I would fuck her in a heartbeat but I can't do that to my brother. I would also never bring it up him just because I hate drama and he would go apeshit. So is she sexually attracted to me or is does she want to start drama?


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  • Another fake incest propaganda story. Ain't nobody interested in your fat ass and micro dick fool.

  • Not incest

  • Yes it is incest! read this please.
    A West Virginia man and his step-daughter busted having sex are facing prison for incest — even though they are not biologically related.
Kelcey Nicholas, 28, was caught sleeping with 21-year-old Lataura Jarrett on Sept. 19 at their Mount Nebo home in Nicholas County.
Officers were checking on Nicholas' previous home-confinement charge when they walked in to find the duo in bed.
Usually, the couple would not be prosecuted for the incident — as they aren't related by blood and both are over the age of consent.
But they are bizarrely facing as much as 15 years in prison after Sheriff David Hopkins cited state law that a daughter is the natural offspring of a person's husband or wife.
As Nicholas is still married to Jarrett's mother, he is technically her father.
The pair was charged with seven counts of incest, reports the Saturday Gazette-Mail.
Nicholas remains in jail while Jarrett was freed on bond. Both will appear in court for a preliminary hearing Thursday.

    Marriage makes in-laws incest by legal standards.

  • Crap

  • Go fuck off sister raper! What a loser you must be to rape your sister! You should kill yourself for what you done! But since you will never be man enough to accept responsibility for your actions! Go cut your lady balls off.

  • Might be wishful thinking?

  • Only she would know.

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