I fantasize about my stepdaughter

My stepdaughter is 18 and I fantasize about her so much... she wears near nude clothes sometimes and it makes me horn. Sometimes I will sneak into her room in the middle of the night and she always goes to bed naked .... she’s caught me a couple of times but .... didn’t say anything. She will sometimes spread her legs wide open when sleeping and omg that’s such a turn on. I’ve never touched her or anything just like looking at her laying in her panties. I only and fantasize about it and jerk .... I don’t think it’s right .... what can I do to stop this horrible feeling lol

5 months ago

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    • What can you do to stop this? Go get mental health! Might I suggest a medication to try! It's made from Smith&Wesson! All you do is load the pills and put it to your head and squeeze the trigger! It's will cure everything.
      A bullet a day keeps the incest fucks away!

    • Rotten west families like pig

    • Sleep with her, eat her out.

    • Shut the fuck up sissy balls.

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