Gang Licked

I was once held down in a van full of guys giving me a ride home from a hard drinking night. I was too drunk to drive. Once I got in, the feeling up of me began. My shoes and socks were pulled off, my shorts were pulled down and my shirt was pulled up. There were 12 hands and 6 tongues on me all at one time. Two guys were sucking my toes, one was sucking my dick, one was licking my belly button, and two were licking my nipples. They changed positions several until they arrived to where I lived. True Story.

4 months ago

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    • I spent summers on my grandparents farm in Wisconsin and they hired 2 college guys to help in the summer..........I learned to suck cock every day. Both the guys had girlfriends who met them in the hay loft and the girls and I sucked their cocks..... Great summers

    • I had that happen with a few farm boys who live near my grandparents cottage. That and a lot more up in a hay loft. They also took turns fucking me when they got bored with licking me.

    • BWAHAHA! Typical mentally retarded queer story.

    • Fool.

    • Pedophile.

    • So? At least I'm not a homophobe

    • I would have cum so many times before they dropped me off

    • Before that areshole gets in with their shite about her husband doesn't fuck her its a load of virus spamming shit

    • So, did you enjoy this or....?

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