Mature step daughter

Every day my step daughter in her early 40,s looks so sexy I really want to fuck her so good. Looks like her mom only smaller tits mom's 36d she is a 34b other than that they are both slim same height both brunettes have their hair the same easy to mistake one from the other from behind both tight asses.
Should I try fuck her?

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  • Can't wait till the weekend she is coming round I'll be looking her body over have a hard on imagining her on her knees sucking my cock while her mom's upstairs

  • Step daughters 41 looks so hot slim great legs tight little ass peachy bum small pert tits 34b just enough.
    I'd love to fuck her hard cumming deep in her pussy.

  • Just looking at step daughters pictures such a hot little ass prefer her to the wife. Have a very busty daughter too so guess I'm very lucky

  • Yes you should try to fuck her. Are you in good physical health? You don't want to have a heart attack while fucking your stepdaughter. It would be a good way to go, but hard for your stepdaughter to explain. I'd like to fuck your wife. Do you think she'd fool around on you?

  • I'd like to watch you fuck the wife still a tight body small waist big tits slim good legs sucks a mean cock you would cum hard inside her.while I take my step daughter I'm in very good health so she will get well fucked

  • And id love to see her swallow my heavy load x

  • And her long legs x

  • And her small pesky tits x

  • Can't resist her tight lil ass x

  • No don't fuck her I will fuck her hard instead send her to my house in school st llanbradach south Wales UK I waiting

  • Gareth piss off you rude prick

  • Sounds like the mom is pretty hot too. Don't go fuck up a sure thing

  • Sneak up on her when her back is towards you, go in for a grab and kiss around the back and side of her neck. Then if she’s like WTF!! You can say I’m sorry I though you were your mother, you both look exactly the same from behind

  • This is great advice, and I know it works.

  • Love to fuck them both x

  • She just gets better the older she gets x

  • Why not? Both she and your wife sound very fuckable. The worst that could happen is she refuses, and tells her mother your wife, about your advances. She's not your real daughter. Has she been on your bucket list for some time?

  • Filthy beast, your supposed to protect her, get your wife to kick you in the nuts every time you have such a thought.

  • Protect her? She's in her early 40's. She can make a decision on her own.

  • I'm confident she needs a good fucking her hubby can't fuck her right x

  • What's the point of asking this room if you should or not. This place is packed full of perverted sex hungry testosterone filled gerbils.

  • I agree and I am very proud to be one of them bring it on

  • Go tug yourself if you can find your little dick

  • Then get the fuck outta here!!!

  • You don't stand a chance.

  • It's true you don't stand a chance with me on the scene with my super dick always on alert for action

  • Shit you have a great imagination Gareth you jerk, fuck off

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