Wildest Day Ever

One time some thugs wanted revenge on my brother for something that he did. One of them said to go on a date with him and they’d call it even. He told me to wear a strapless dress with no underwear so that I could flash my pussy and that he wouldn’t touch me. When I got to his home, he took me inside where five other men and my brother were. They handcuffed me to a bed and I thought they were going to rape me, but they did something else. They yanked the dress down so that my boobs were completely exposed. They said “don’t mess with us again” to my brother. I was super embarrassed to be laying there restrained with my tits out in front of six men and my brother. That was more men looking at my boobs than in my whole life. That’s when the main guy started playing with my nipples. Soon after he was sucking and licking my left nipple. Then another guy took my right nipple. Both of my boobs are so sensitive that I was losing it. Then they lifted my dress so that my pushy was exposed. My brother said “come on that’s my sister”. But they just took turns licking my nipples and seeing how wet I got. It would’ve been fun if my brother didn’t see.
The next time I saw them, they held my arms behind me, lifted my shirt, and started licking my nipples in public. The main guy said “your little hooters are mine now”.

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  • Now this is for sure not the truth, is it ?

  • I think they should have went on a date. The guy could have fucked her in his car, or better yet, they could have went to a motel where he could have fucked her for hours. He'd spend a lot of time sucking her nipples too.

  • Bullshit

  • Thugs repayment on sucking there cocks. To cross the street and I was knealing

  • What?

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  • This links to a VIRUS!

  • Careful guys, someone has posted this on every confession! Beware

  • Yeah, confessions from over a year ago. No way this is legit.

  • Piss off you cheating slut

  • This ALMOST made sense.

  • If it was true. You were loving it.

  • Cheeky girl tell big untruth here.

  • Why you speak like fucking caveman? Go fuck self

  • Difficult to believe

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