Gayboy or Bi-boy...?

I had sex with a girl for the first time yesterday. My younger sister's friend came to my house looking for my sister, however, she and my parents were gone for the entire day. This girl is very pretty and athletic in school sports. She came in my house as she usually does, calling my sister's name, then going to her room. I heard her from my room so I opened the door and told her everyone was gone until late evening. She approached my bedroom door and said, "just us" me saying yeah. She looked directly at my eyes and said, "I never seen your room, show me", so I did. I'm a gayboy who's not open to anyone other than two older gayboys. I was nervious with her being in my room which she sensed. I sat on my bed with she doing the same a moment after. She then told me she always had a crush on me, that I was really cute. She told me I could touch her while she put her hand on my leg. I was really nervious, my heart was beating really fast and she felt it when touching me. She took my hand and put it on the front button of her jeans and said "open it, I'll let you do it, anything you want, I want you to, I really do". My hand was shaking, she then put her hand on mine holding it there while getting up and standing facing me. She then open her jeans pushing her pants down putting my hand in her panties. She then undressed me on the bed touching me. I let her do what she wanted with me holding back. She said, "your a virgin, are you?" I said yes. She then took my penis and put it in her, telling me it was okay to cum in her, that she was on the pill. I did do it in her but it took a really long time, like an hour. She told me she loved that I can go so long, that we can do it whenever either of us wanted. This happening with her was okay but I really like boys' doing it to me in my mouth, other things to. I don't think I'm now bi...! If you're a gayboy, do you think I'm now bi...? even if we do it again. I really have no interest in pursuing girls', boys' only, but I'm really introverted and the few times I've been sexually with other's, it was them who initiated it by touching me. I just let them touch me. Comment if you like.

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  • BiBoys for life!

  • Nothing wrong with preferring guys but I wouldn’t cross out girls if you find them the least bit enjoyable. Have a good time when you can. :)

  • Exactly. Why not enjoy both?

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