Kirk Park, Eugene Oregon BJ in the Bushes

I sometimes get the urge to suck cock and get sucked so I will start looking around for glances or smiles from men, that's usually when I will begin to browse the craigslist m4m pages. That can be frustrating so I will usually go to a bar and somebody will strike up a conversation and by the end of the night someone would have hit on me. In the past, you leave separately for the parking garage and find one of your cars and all is good. I don't do it often but its awesome with the right person. Very rarely will we exchange numbers or I should say, we will exchange numbers but I will never hear from them again.

Recently, I started going to this park near my town to lay in the sun. The first day, I drove back to the very end. There is a small parking lot and a large field with picnic tables scattered about. Not very many people at all. 2 men sat in their cars in the shade where I parked and there was a group of 5 people with a dog building a fire and eating lunch. They were travelling by the looks of them. I noticed the two twenty something females right away. Dreadlocks, hairy armpits, the long dresses and braless. Free spirits. I walked past them a hundred or so feet and layed my blanket out and started shedding shorts and shirts, down to my swim trunks and started my tanning. After about an hour, I rolled over onto my stomach and noticed one of the women from that group was with her guy on the other side of a picnic table near me. He was standing, facing me and she was sitting on the bench facing him.... sucking him off. They were far enough away to not be that obvious but I could still see what was going on. I love to peek, always have been that way. I watched as they both fumbled around on the opposite bench. She layed down and he managed to mount her on the bench. She layed there with her long dress pulled up around her waste and her feet on the ground. Took some skill is all I could say. Huge turn on for sure. They were finished after about 10 mins and then they walked back towards their car and the group. They eventually left and I layed there with a woody under me.

About that time, one of the men got out of his car and started on the end, but was circling around the pond. I just assumed it was someone who worked near by and they were spending their lunch hours at the park. They did seem interested in me though. Hmmmmm.... ohwell.... cool.

So, as the one walking around the pond approached and said hello. Seemed normal enough I waved and a "hey how ya doin" back and rolled around and continued listening to my music. Then it sort of hit me that I was being flirted with, checked out. I wasn't exactly turned on by him by sight but it was the thought of him checking me out. I lifted a leg and did my best to expose my "tent" I had going on down there. In an instant, he peeled around and walked the 30 or 40 feet over to me. Asked me if I enjoyed the show and I said yeah, she was hot in a naughty.... dirty kind of way. I rolled onto my side so my wood was definitely showing. I kept watching his eyes to see if he was looking at my erection. I get playful in that situation. When I feel pursued, hit on, what ever.... I get submissive really quick. It helped that he was larger than I but he was dominate to me. That happens. So I kept pushing, I rearranged my body almost to the extent of flaunting and there his eyes dropped. I lowered my sunglasses and stared right in to his eyes. I wanted him to know that I knew he was looking at my hard cock. Nervously he blurted out basically "are you here to meet people" or like "you meet people here" I was like no but told him I was bi and you never know when you will meet someone. I waited to judge what his reaction was but he seemed scared. The more uncomfortable he became, the more flirtatious I became and I felt my body moving over into a top role. I became the aggressor and asked him if he hoped I was here to hook up. He nodded and I asked him if he liked what he saw. He nodded again and I mused. I was enjoying this. By this time, I was half interested.... half.... I don't really care if anything happens. What turned me on was him showing interest in me. I was trying to get info. I decided I didn't think he was cute in the face but he was sexy in a way. Yes, I would do it with him. I was trying to decide what though. He was nervous and I was getting there and I was getting the impression he was about to leave. I asked him "do you have a condom?" That usually breaks all the rest of the ice left you know. He said no but would like to give me oral. I asked where and looked around. He pointed and "there are trails" so really nervous at this point. I jumped up and gathered my things and we started walking down this trail around this pond.

Just under a tree by the water he stopped and I reached around him and started rubbing his length through his shorts. I love giving reach around handjobs and was all set to rock his world with my hand and he turned around. I went strait for his penis and was set to suck him when he held my head back and stepped away from me. I felt rejected big time and said he wanted to fuck my mouth. We stood there, him pinching and rubbing my cock. I untied the string from my spandex swim shorts and he dropped down to his knees and pulled them down. And in it went. I think that was the first time I actually watched a man suck my cock. Watched anyone for that matter. It was awesome, I saw him suck me and palm it. When he got his tongue going it almost sent me over the edge. He grabbed both ass cheeks and pulled on my groin and deep throated it then I started and I was like "omg.... here it comes" I erupted all over his face and in his mouth. I loved how he kept sucking even though I'm so sensitive after cumming and wanted him to stop. He stayed with it though and it was so hot. I stood there motionless, my legs weak. Everything got really awkward so I fumbled with my back pack to let him clean up with my towel. As we cleaned ourselves, everything went back to normal. I got dressed and we walked back to the parking lot. Like old buddies, we talked of things other than sex. It was almost like nothing sexual even happened. When we got to my car, we exchanged numbers and it dawned on me that we didn't know each other's names. That was a first, I had never done that before.

I went to that same area of Kirk park several times this Summer, I met a second person there. We just talked and then he had to go. I figured that was the last time I would ever see him when he texted me one day and I gave him directions to where I'm staying. He's been here a couple of times, mostly just HJs and BJs but the last time, I gave him my bottom. He's perfect.... sexy, funny, nice.... likes sex but doesn't get all kissy kissy. We make each other cum, some friendly chat and he's gone! Perfect! The third person I met at Kirk Park was from craigslist and it was a toy thing, I let him do my fleshlight in the parking lot. I was thinking it was a cool way to hook up with someone. I thought like after that day we would hook up but nothing ever happened with him again. Its been a couple of Weeks but nothing as yet.

The seasons are changing and I doubt there will be anybody cruising Kirk Park. They have already closed the gate to the back part. Every now and again I walk back there and see if there are any hotties walking around. I admit I'm kind of a slut when it comes to men. I have a Weekly thing with a guy and its hot.... but I'm already getting curious to what else is out there. Probably will drop by Glassbar Island to, never had but that is also a spot to meet men who like to play.


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  • Very hot indeed. I've done this before at a trail head near me. I basically just go there to jerk off but every once in a while some guy will see me and come over and pull his cock out for me to suck.

  • Is it just a one time thing? I mean.... neither of you exchange contact info and meet again, anywhere? My thing is I don't want to be the perv in the park! Someone can see me shirtless and my small/tight swim spandex and decide if he wants what I have going on. Talk a little and find some bushes or a bedroom and that's cool. But to be like in public where others go to enjoy the day and some dude is jerking or exposing. Not my thing. But kudos to you, takes some big ones to do what you said! There is a place called Glassbar Island on the Willamette River near Eugene. Its basically a nudist beach and old naked men wander around aimlessly in circles on all the trails. I guess the unofficial "signal" is if someone starts touching themselves while watching you.... its basically a sign that they want sex. I go there sometimes and I'm respectful to everyone and I don't mind some guy seeing me. I just haven't seen someone I would want in me. I just smile and keep on moving! Anyways thanks for the comment.... have fun!

  • I'm straight and thought it was hot.

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