Old Aunt With Big Saggy Implants.

I'm 56 and divorced for the third time. All my wives divorced me because because other women wanted my endowment and I couldn't restrain keeping it in my pants. Even mom played with it when I was younger , it was our secret. Just before she past away she told me to help her sister, my aunt, whenever I could. She needed someone to help her out. My mom didn't how much her sister really desired me to help her.
When I was young my aunt never seemed to have big boobs like mom. As I grew older my aunt's boobs seemed to swell up. My mom confessed to me that her sister enhanced her breast and she paid dearly for them. They looked so natural. Now that my aunt reached 76 they hung and swayed like old saggy tits should behind her top. Recently thru the button opening of her top I noticed her tits was covered with dark veins running thru them causing my dick to harden up. My aunt saw my big endowment bulge showing thru my pants. "Sorry that your third marriage failed. " she told me when I was helping her.
I get to shower and sleep at her place when I get dirty and tired. Then one afternoon I had to call out saying there was no towels in her bathroom. She handed me a bath towel thru the door opening and saw my big soft penis hanging between my legs.
I got done sprucing up and she sat and handed me a beer at her table. I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra and I started to play with my dick. As old as she is, she gets me excited looking at her saggy tits. The beer made me blurt out, " They don't look fake. They hang and shake like real boobs! " She got up and pulled her top off letting me see all the veins that ran thru her breasts and the round silicone sacks hanging from her loose empty sacks. She slid her arms under them and held them up and walked to me telling me to feel them. This was my first time I felt fake tits. It was weird. " I'll let you play with them in the bedroom if you tease me with your gifted endowment that I saw and my sister use to play with.
We undressed in the bedroom and my shaft really pointed out. "You're the oldest person that wanted to play with my dick and I'm proud to give you a thrill, auntie! " She lifted her tits and squeezed them around my shaft and jerked my cock with her weird looking tits. It seemed like something that I could get addicted to. " You're hung like a horse, a fantasy that I use to have, surrounding a horse's cock with my breasts and having it cum on me! " My aunt started to mouth and lick me. I grabbed and held her head, "Play with that horse cock as if it was real, you horny bitch! " I said to her enjoying every minute of it. She went wild masturbating my shaft with her saggy fake tits and saying, " Cum on me like you never cum before! " It went out like a fire hose. All over her face, her silicone sacks and her hands.
She let me move in and watches me please women of all ages and having them watch her getting cum blasted from me.

3 months ago

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    • This is the hottest and most romantic thing that has ever been written

    • Fake AF. Don't waste your time

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