Tried with my sisters

Growing up I had 3 sisters. It was alright. We had to share rooms growing up because we lived in a small apartment. My younger sisters and I would share a room and I would jerk off at night time, wondering if Amanda would want to have sex with me to experiment. She was getting older, 12 turning 13. I was a year older. She had developed nicely. Her ass was nice n perky and her tits were a perfect c cup. I couldn't stop looking at her ass sometimes while we were out at school or shopping with our dad. She would stand in this weird position where her ass would look real good. I think she did it on purpose to get attention. It worked on me all the time. One night when we were going to bed, she wore short shorts. I had on my basketball shorts on. I went to bed at the same time as her this night, so I could wait for her to fall asleep. She fell asleep on her stomach and had no covers on. I mounted myself on top of her, and pulled my shorts down a bit to whip my dick out. It was hard as a rock. I stuck it between her legs and started thrusting a bit. It felt so amazing, feeling my dick against her hot, tight skin, her shorts were so short I could feel my dick pressing against her pussy, I really wanted to push it all the way in but I wasn't sure if my sister was down to fuck. I did this for only about 20 seconds, I got up and accidentally busted a nut all over the floor beside her. I cleaned it up with a sock and went to bed. The next day I was wondering if she was awake for that. I still cant tell she was, if she reads this. Let me know if you were awake that night Amanda. I am so madly in love with you. - Jacob PS: message me on Facebook that you are ready to have some orange juice with me. So I know.


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  • Nice! you gotta lick her butthole!

  • Fake ass story young boys don't know c cup from any cup besides a drinking cup . Them are tittys to biys

  • Gotta love freshly grown tits, so firm, they barely move. C cup is a perfect size!

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