Doing the wifes cousin

Wifes cousin brought her family over for a couple days. We were hanging around the fire pit drinking and she wanted me to taker her on a 4 wheeler ride. We went out to the woods and rode for a bit. I then asked her if she wanted to drive and she said yes.I got behind her and as soon as we took off I started to rub her breasts followed by rubbing her pussy trough her shorts. We stopped by a big log and started kissing. I had her bent over the log and pulled her shorts and panties down. She was wet as hell so I went balls deep on the first stroke. I only lasted five minutes and dumped a huge load inside her. As soon as i pulled out I pulled her panties up so she could fill my cum the rest of the night. Later that night I heard her and the husband fucking. Hope he liked the sloppy pussy .

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  • The only time I was on a four wheeler, he put me in front and got me so wet from all the vibration and feeling his cock we fucked right on it. No log needed.

  • Sloppy seconds are great

  • Me and a bunch of friends went swimming one time. My girlfriend and her sister went with. For whatever reason my girlfriends sister decided she wanted to go a mile up river and inter tube back. We only had two inter tubes and she demanded that I take her. So we took off walking. About halfway to the bridge where we planned on getting in the river, we stopped. She said she wanted to take a break, but as we stood there she unexpectedly pulled her bikini top up and showed me her tits. She asked if they were as nice as her sister's. I told her they were better, and next thing I knew she was bent over a tree log and I was fucking her from behind.

  • Minnesota?

  • No, Maine.

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