Panties sniffing

Well back some years ago my stepson girlfriend moved in . She got kick out so he ask if she can stay with us for awhile well of course I said yes. She had just turned 18 smoking body fit nice tits beautiful like Megan Fox no bullshit. Anyway she would walk around the house in he tight ass volleyball shorts or some shorts above her ass cheeks . I can tell my wife did not like that but oh well. I would just start to sport wood looking at her. Well one day nobody there I went into the room she sleeps in . Started looking thru her things then her hamper caught my eye dam white cotton panties fuck I started getting hard and took a sniff fucking sweatest smell ever . Hot so hard I started beating off to them came right on the crotch and put back. Well every time I had the house to myself I would go in there sniffing her panties licking the crotch fuck it tasted and smelled good. Well one day i hear telling my stepson she missing a couple pair of panties . Yup I had taken them would sniff and beat off to them . She comes out the room about 30 minutes later with this smirk looking at me . I can tell she knows I took them but can't prove it. Well a few months later she says she moving back home her parents letting her come back. I say to her going to miss you she says I'm sure you are with smiling grin. Still got then to this day . See her about 4 times a week still hot ass fuck.

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  • Awesome story, i am a panty sniffer too. I am hoping my g/f's bestie moves in with us. I have sniffed and enjoyed her panties on a few occasions. Would love to have a daily supply of hers to enjoy.

  • Nothing like the sweat smell of some worn panties

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