So Wrong but feels So Good

I was raised by a single, feminist mother who rarely talked about him. I knew nothing about him until I was 18 and she decided to tell me about him. Gave me his contact info in case I ever wanted to contact him to learn about my lineage. For a year I studied his photos, begged mom for the few stories she had of him, anything. I hated him. I hated him so much for choosing his party life over me. I wanted revenge.

It was just supposed to be seducing him so he would hit on me and I could give him the fear of god by revealing who I am. It was supposed to take no more than an hour at his favorite bar before I left with his dignity in my purse and never talk to him again.

But he was so sexy. He complimented me and charmed me off my feet. We talked for hours, even danced I try our bodies pressed against each other’s, before we were in back hallway by the bathroom making out. His fingers even slipped under my dress and he started to rub my pussy while he sucked my neck. I felt like I was 15 again hooking up with a classmate. He took me to his place where we ripped our clothes off. I got on my knees and sucked his large cock. Mom never mentioned that. How long and thick he was. My pussy quivered as I gulped it down, even sucking his balls. He held my hair and moaned “That’s a good girl” and I practically came right then and there. My dad finally saying what I always needed.

I didn’t even let him lick me, as he sat on the couch I simply climbed up and slowly sat on his cock. I couldn’t contain my moans as I slowly moved down it and starting to bounce on it. His big dad hands gripped my ass while my bare tits were in his face. I was doing the unthinkable, I had the cock that made me deep in my pussy. Why was I enjoying it so much? I rode his cock deep and hard, making sure I got ever last inch in me as I moaned louder and louder. His kisses turned to bites on my neck and chest and his grip turned into slaps that left a lasting sting. Without thinking I moaned “Fuck me daddy mmmm fuck your little girl”

He had to know who I was because he picked me up, turned me around so my ass was in the air and face on the ground as he started fucking me from behind. His grip hard on my hips, he began to pound my little pussy. Blissful moans turned into yelps of pain, in between winces I was left panting in desperation. My pussy was soaked and dripping. “Take this cock baby girl. Take this daddy cock” he barked at me as he drilled me harder and harder. Eyes were rolling back and I even drooled as he fucked me into submission. I lost track of orgasms.

After an eternity of rough, blissful fucking he did what no father should do. He pulled my hips close and he came in me. My dad came in me deep. I should’ve stopped it but I couldn’t...I think I secretly craved his cum in my pussy. Once his balls were empty he laid beside me, still in my pussy, and kissed me. No man has ever treated me this sweetly after that level of sex. “That was beautiful sweetheart” he held me close. Still panting, I cuddled in his arms “That was the best sex I ever had”

The rest of the night we bathed together, made dinner together, and had sex one more time (this time softer and more sensual) before falling asleep in his bed.

We’re texting all the time, sexting when all day long, meeting up for dates and secret hook ups. He has no idea who I am to him. He has no idea he’s kissing and licking the pussy he made.

4 months ago


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    • Oh God! I came so hard reading your story. My pussy is so fucking wet. I want your daddy’s hard cock in my own pussy! Lol. Good job, I look forward to cumming Again and again while I read your stories.

    • A nation bent on corruption and disintegration

    • Slut your pussy is so fucking wet like pig

    • Rotten west families like pig

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