Dirty Son

My family is a good decent family known in my area … but the things happening inside my family secrets is dirty. And I turned up to be the devil to make my thoughts to reality

Dad is perverted aswell and moms ass is so huge that his dick is no more going in

Mom and dad gave up on sex and never fucked in 2 years and like i said mom is very homely and innoccent.

She is also a strict mom to me and my sister

Like any other humans my Dad too was lil Sexually charged so .. i know that mom and dad have fucked alot wen i was young and i have seen them in action.

Now that i have a cock that i know can slide in big asses easily my desire was big ass women like my mother

One fine days a normal day … i wanted to light a fire and hurt my fingers… mom came to rescue all was taken care

But like i said im a dirty minded bugger and time was right that i asked for a shower…i knew mom will lend a helping hand for rubbing soap and i had my hand covered with some bandage ... so i built a small drama and set mom to help me take bath.

i used soap but pretended to slip it without balance ..seeing this mom said wait let me do it she started rubbing my body and ...i was in my undies and my cock was growing slowly since i ws nervouse too … as i was getting rubbed near my lower area mom hesitated for a slipt second and was thinking to ask me to put soap inside the undies ..she felt awkward since i was a grown boy now and this very moment made my cock rock hard and stiff she could see it standing ……i was soo lucky im not sure wat the fuck my mom was thinking she said to remove it .. i felt so acomplised that she wanted me naked in front of her wit a boner

Now she has to rub soap on my boner cock i wanted to feel her rub my cock … she stared to rub in between my thighs and i could feel my balls touch her hand and as she came close to the pubic part and slowly she started to stroke the cock several times. I was happy as fuck and then she poured water in hurry and feeling embarrsing again she rubbed the left over soap away from the cock area quickly and left the bathroom in a jiffy without looking back.

I was so horny that she rubbed my cock

I jerked off to that feeling in minutes amd came out dried up

I saw her in the kitchen i waited till she went to her room to relax after lunch

At the right time i just walked in her room sat next to her and then i started to pull up her dress and slowly reach for her pussy her without any hesitation. And wit full bravery.

she was shocked and refused and resisted at few moments and after i started to rub her pussy so gently and started whispering to her that its a secret between us she relaxed a bit but still refusing to give uo fully. I started to press her tities and lick her neck. She liked the feeling and surrendered slowly.

I started to undress and sat full naked

I took some lotion and started stroking my cock and looking at her eyes.

I agaim started to rub her legs and kept going up and finally put my hand on her warm and puffy vagina. It was wet and sticky and i loved it.

I obviously tasted the thing from her pussy and started to finger her and started talking about her sex life and how i saw her and dad slowly stop fuckin and also told her that i can statisfy her secret wants and somehow conviced her to give her pussy for me to fuck.

Now since moms ability to get pregnant ws removed for a cause … i also explained her clearly that its very healthy to have sex and as adults its a very important thing i made her realise that she shd have sex in order to maintain... health and calmness and as i could see all my word made sense and brought back my moms sexuall urge.

And i happily fucked both her holes till i filled it wit cum and made it overflow till i was satisfied.

I also made her squirt while fucking. Cuz that really makes me horny.

From that day

.I Fuck my thick mom openly at home since she is a home maker

…dad leaves to work and return by night …so after all the home work is done.

i start to turn on my mother so that i atleast fuck her for an hour every alternate day…

I also jerk off i n front of her wit some dirty panties of my sis

And also molest her most of the times in the kitched while she works.

She started to like it and she never wore and bra or panties so i can easily play wit her.

to keep it lowkey all these things were noticed by my sister secretly and slowly for few days then she asked me about it… I wen i asked her to move to the other room for her online studies.

Mom was coming home from shop and i was getting ready to fuck. I was searching for some lotion As i was acting wierd and hyper ..

she told that she saw wat mom and i were upto in the kitchen…

I was shocked.

I started convincing her that i ws helping mom with a catch but actually i was fucking her doggy style and her big ass was clapping loud as fuck..cuz of some oil i put on here ass

so she cud hear us from her room.

She also has seen me rubbing my moms tits and grabbing her ass quite often in the kitchen.

So now she started to be less serius smiled at me and left the room

Mom came back and he was just smiling at me.

Sis in the other room waiting to see what happens and slowly .. i made my move i started to molest mom and strip her from the kitchen and slowly walk inside.

Waiting and looking at my every move

As mom entered the room i slowly closed the door but kept it open and started to fuck mom like usual.

I gave a signal to record my fuck.

Mom told me.not to cuz that was her main condition for me to fuck her.

Now i fucked mom so hard that she was able to hear us from the room itself


I made my sister watch the whole scn but made sure mom didnt know our secret

She started taping me fucking mom and i loved it

i immediately pretended tht it was done And slowly went to sister room after a shower …

I asked her to show the tape and she kept smilling and watching the tape

I opened my hard cock and stood in front

Slowly reached for her legs and went up the gaps and reached her pussy.

She pulled down her pants and offerrd her pussy for me and i ate the pussy for like 30 mins straight and soaked it wet

I immeadiately caugt her head and shoved my dick i her mouth and started to do fuck.

She started to puke and i felt so horny

She was shocked and also made a secret deal like mom

So i somehow got both of them sucking and fucking me

All i want now is to fck both mother n daughter at same time. And make a mess out of them.

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    • Typical fantasy of fucking both mon and sis.

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