Neighbour’s Boys Take advantage of my Drunk Wife

My wife got extremely drunk at a neighbour’s party; she ended up playing drinking games with our neighbour’s son and his friends and losing badly judging by her passed out state and the number of empty shot glasses by her side.
I apologised to our host and prepared to take her home, but he insisted that she be allowed to sleep it off in one the bedrooms, so after helping me to carry her upstairs we returned to the party.
After a couple of hours, I decided to check on her, but as I approached the room I could see that the door was now slightly open and not the way that we left it earlier. I opened the door as quietly as I could and stepped inside.
I knew immediately, even before switching on the light that something wasn't right, the room felt so hot and there was the smell of sex and sweat in the air. I notice that the floor was now littered with empty beer bottles and my wife was stretched out completely naked across the bed with her legs spread wide open. Her dress and underwear were in a crumpled heap on the floor, her skin was flushed and glistening with beads of sweat and she was breathing deeply. I could see trails of cum splashed all over her face and breasts and there was a wet stain on the bedsheets between her legs where there was still a thin white trail leaking from her swollen pussy. I knew straight away that whilst I was distracted downstairs and enjoying the party, she had been at the mercy of a group of men using her in any way they chose.

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  • I get my wife drunk so other men can fuck her, party's, bars, she thinks a sore pussy and the taste of cum in her mouth is part of a hang over.

  • There was a girl back in school that was invited to every party. She was always the one you would find up in one of the bedrooms with the boys lining up to take a turn. The same girl has moved into my street. She is married now and I see her kiss her new husband goodbye as he leaves for work.
    She knows that I know everything about her and I wonder if she has told her husband what a slut she used to be. Perhaps I should call and visit to see is she is still as good to fuck as she was back in the day.

  • Oh she remembers, she’s not going to tell you she enjoyed it.

  • We went to visit my cousins in Texas, they had a pool party, my wife got way too drunk I took her up to the guest room where we were staying and went back to the party. I eventually noticed that one by one my cousins were disappearing and returning. When one came back another left. Finally I went to check on my wife, and found one of my cousin on top of her. A totally of 4 raped her that night. She doesn't remember it.

  • Was she leaking cum?

  • So when you found the one on top of her. he ratted out his brothers? How did you find out for sure? Did they all cum inside of her? What did you do, do you still speak with them?

  • It was a long drawn out drama, when I confronted all of them they all said she wanted it, only one of them said she thought they were me. The cops came, they woke her up, but eventually they dropped the charges. There was semen inside of her and all over her body. We don't speak anymore. Our family is fighting, they said I married a whore, I ruined the family. My wife blames me sometimes for leaving alone.

  • Sounds like the kids and neighbors are part of the problem there.

  • I can see that happens to my cousin and her kids ever since she has all these affairs and the kids know it.

  • What else happened

  • Honestly this has happened a couple times to my wife and I . Only in our own home. I have set up hidden cameras in the smoke detector and alarm clock. Not to bust them but I'm desperate to at least watch some of it.

  • So you called the police?

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