Sister in law

The past year I have been snatching my sister in law’s dirty underwear and cumming into them.

After I have been throwing them out has to be about 20 pairs or so now. She hasn’t bought new ones because whenever my wife and I visit I make sure to sneak away to check.

You think you she has any idea and if so why hasn’t she said anything?

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  • Why you posting the same shit over and over? It is Fake!
    Women would notice 20 pairs of panties missing idiot. Especially when some pairs can cost over $100 a pair. Even cheap pairs cost about a $11.00 a pair. You probably don't even have 5 pairs of underwear ass wipe so if 2 went missing you would notice.

  • Haha too bad it’s real, she’s obviously too cheap to buy new ones and obviously she knows and is too scared to say anything

  • No! It is not real! If it was real your ass would be in jail. Your Lucky! If anything started to go missing at my house, you would be in a body bag!

  • Funny how you don’t believe it, it’s very much true. She also has a fiancé and I’m sure she has told him but they haven’t said anything or confronted me about it.

  • Because you would definitely be in a body bag if she had a boyfriend!
    I can see why the way you have been close to pussy is by stealing and sniffing panties. You are an asshole that thinks all women are stupid. You think they wouldn't be smart enough to notice that you came in their panties and put them back or they wouldn't notice 20 pairs missing. God you are a pathetic virgin loser and you will never get laid. You will most definitely will commit suicide at some time. Please don't take anyone with you when you do that.

  • Clearly her fiancé is too scared to say something to me then and I’m married so clearly I’m not a virgin you idiot

  • Dream on sick fuck you are a virgin. Once you have the real thing pretty much whenever you want it, you won't want nasty dirty panties to sniff. May you get a pair that she wore right after her BF came in her and you sniff and lick his cum. Better yet she got a yeast infection and your licking that and the medication she is using. Do you like the taste of monistat 7 yeasty beasty cream?

  • Fuck you, your probably just salty because no one ever cummed in your underwear because your busted. Fucken cunt

  • Come on admit it you only like panties with her boyfriends cum on them. The fresher the better is what you crave. You just love sucking that cum right off them panties and wish you could get right from his cock! Admit it! You are a cum loving sissy.

  • Too bad her fiancé isn’t sleeping with her till she’s married so I know for a fact I’m tasting all her you fucken idiot

  • Thats what you think! They leave and he gives her the hot beef injection a few times and you get the panties she wore. He been fucking her all the time and you know it when you lick his cum from her panties!! You love that part and you wish you could drink it right from the tap. Queer fag!! Or do you wear them too and are a sissy fag?

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