Did she cheat

My wife hasn’t been able to take more than 7-7 1/2 inches. I moved out of state but she hasn’t moved yet. After 3 months she was able to visit. I bought toys before she came and after 3 months of “no sex”, she felt loose. Then I used a thick 9 inch toy that she swallowed up very easily. Is this a sign of cheating?

Mar 8

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    • My wife has a bull I’m only 5 1/2 inch’s and her bull is a solid 9 inch’s we are a white couple and he’s bbc and we love her fucking other people but to answer your question no because after Margaret fucks Derrick all weekend I can fuck her about two days later and she has srunk back to her normal size unless I fuck her right after Derrick pulls out of her witch she’s really gaped open when he pulls out of her I can’t tell any difference a day or so after

    • I agree with a PI unless you can go back and plant a nanny cam. You don’t have enough information to accuse her or worry yourself. You might want to ask her about the toys she is using but don’t tell her she feels loose. Did she feel much wetter too? If she was, that may cause her to feel a little looser.

    • Since she is just visiting, hire a PI to follow her back home for a week or 2. Might be expensive, but it will be peace of mind for you. If she is cheating she will feel comfortable doing it with you being out of state.

    • Give her some real black dick and see how much she can take! Bet she can take whatever is shoved up in there! Arouse that pussy right and it can take an arm or 2! Fuck it can drop a baby, that 9 inch dildo ain't shit!

    • Do some anatomy and physiology research. The short answer is no. The female body can do all kinds of amazing things when properly aroused to include stretch out. Think of it this way when they give birth a small watermelon sized human being slides out

    • Who cares? All women can take much larger than they let on about. And if she did cheat at least she's more experienced now. Wife and I separate love and sex. Love is ehat we have for each other. Sex is what we have if we are in the mood. We both have sex outside the marriage. We make love when back together. Plus I get a sweet treat sometimes with a well fucked pussy still oozing with cum.

    • I agree! It does not matter she had another person's cock inside of her who cares. My wife's been getting bigger cock for years and it's like you say it's just sex what we have with each other is love. I love that she gets satisfied in the bedroom with others and I'm there for her emotionally and I like that well use pussy as well. People get so bent up on oh he fucked her or she fucked him maybe they really needed it at the time. There would be a lot fewer divorces If people really looked at it properly

    • Exactly this ^^^ but don't work for everyone I guess. We were monogamous for years. After the kids left we started growing apart. I think this saved our marriage and I get some delicious treats now and then from her well fucked pussy. I love creampies!

    • Either that or she already had a big toy!! Seriously??

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