Wife invited me to watch

My wife and I have talked a few times about her going out and being naughty. She had been slutty in the past during her first marriage. Her stories always turned me on and so I kept urging her to go out and continue being slutty. She came home one day saying she had been flirting with w guy across the hall from her office, she works at the hospital in administration. He too was married and told my wife how his wife has no interest in sex anymore. I told her to go for it. My wife is a bbw with 40dd tits and a very wet and squirting pussy. She texted me one day to tell me her and Jeff were going out for lunch to a park close to her work. I told her to have fun. When she got home that evening, I asked her how it went, she simply lifted her top. I first noticed she was braless then I also saw 4 hickeys on her tits. I was hard as a rock now. I asked her if she returned the pleasure and she said that he tasted really good. I asked no more and we spent the rest of the evening having wild sex. I asked her if she was going to see him again. She asked me if I'd like her to and of course I did. This time she told me exactly where they were going to be and at what time, she winked. The parking area of the park is surrounded by thick forest. I got there 30 min before they did and found a great spot where I could watch with binoculars. They showed up right on time. I noticed her looking around for me. The passionate kissing started immediately and before long her top was off and her big tits were being sucked. Not long after her head went to his lap and I saw her head bobbing up and down. This guy had stamina to say the least. I saw his body spasm and knew he was emptying into her mouth. I did get a bit of a surprise when she sat up and his cum was dripping from her face. Not long after he left and she sat waiting in her car. I made my way to her. She told me to kiss her face all over and I did. His cum still coated her face. Now they meet often. I even get them a motel room so they can fuck. She tell him that I'm out of town so he has no worries. Anyone else watch their wife with their lovers in secret

4 months ago


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    • My wife and I just were in a rut sexually. We had bland sex. Then one day I noticed she was acting funny. She made some excuse on a Saturday afternoon about have to get something done at work and told me she would be back in a couple hours. So I decided to go over to her work and take a peek. She works in a office park so I find her car but not in front of her office but one several units over. I find a place to hide out and two hours later she comes out of the unit with some guy. They kiss and get into there cars. So I ask her how was work...........duh. Bottom line she actually tell me she fucked the guy. I asked what they did. She tells me. That gave me a boner. We fucked out brains out. I never heard her talk that dirty in my life. That was nine years ago. She has been on a dating site now and I have access. We decide whom she is going to fuck next. In nine years she has fucked 63 men and counting. That women who was in a rut sexually is one hot piece of ass. So as long is the wife is only in it for sex and not to replace you go for it. Good luck.

    • Sounds like you're a faggot.

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