Wife and Daughter

I wanna fuck my 17 year old daughter and my wife but I don’t know how I would get them both to fuck my 8 inch cock. My daughter always likes walking around me naked and she always bends over in front of me on purpose, but how do i fuck her?

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  • Drug her or get her drunk

  • It sounds like your daughter is comfortable with you. The fact that she bends over in front of you naked is i think really encouraging, is your wife with you when she does this? It might be worth getting naked with your daughter and see how she reacts. Just remember, if nature takes its course and you and your daughter have sex make sure you use protection.

  • My daughter grabbed my dick yesterday when she got mad at me, felt so good

  • Leave some porn on, make it look like an accident. When she discovers it, take it drink there

  • From there*

  • Eight inches is waaay too short to reach your under-age daughter when you're behind bars, which is where you'll belong if you do that.

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