Did Wife's Biker Cousin

My wife would talk to me at times about her female cousin Sue, who was a biker. I couldn't believe my wife's stories. Then one day while my wife was at work a motorbike pulled into the driveway. I realized the driver of the bike was a woman. She walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. I opened the door and she introduced herself. I couldn't believe she was my wife's cousin. " Betty's at work but you're welcome to come in and rest from your long trip." I told her. She unbuttoned her leather jacket and removed it. She was a stocky woman with full breasts. I noticed the tats she had and the pierced jewelry. "You have bottle beer in here?" she asked. I said yes and told her I don't like the taste of can beer. "Me too!" as she tapped her bottle against my bottle of beer and guzzled some down her throat. Her waist hung over her slacks, I guess from drinking beer.
"Oh my goodness!" my wife yelled out as she entered and saw Sue and gave her a hug. "There's a bike rally nearby. Can I crash here for awhile?" "Sure." we answered back. "I saw the bike in the driveway but never expected it was you." Betty said.
The next day when Betty left for work, I was out on the driveway looking over Sue's bike. "Want me give you a spin on it?" Sue said. She handed me a helmet and said, "Hop on!" As we pulled out of the driveway she told me to grab her and hold tight. I did that, but felt guilty of feeling her breasts. "Don't be ashamed grab them babies tight!" and I did. We got back to the house and she pulled out a couple of beers out of the fridge. We drank several and to my surprise she said, "Want to fuck? Your hands on my breasts turned me on. Betty will never know." as she rubbed my privates pulled out my dick and put her mouth on it.
We went into the room she was using. She removed her clothes which revealed all the tats and piercing she has. Nipples were pierced, her belly button, and her big loose pussy lips. She started to play with her kitty exposing the big clit that she has. Her tattooed tits and thighs turned me on. She grabbed an empty beer bottle that she had in the room and rubbed the bottle neck on her clit and sliding it in her. She got on all fours with her tits hanging. "Fuck my ass, while I use the bottle in my kitty." My wife Betty never let me fuck her ass, so this was going to be my first ass fuck. Sue handed me lube to rub on my cock. I slowly pushed it in. "Don't be like that, fuck me hard and deep in my hole and slap my ass at times." I started pounding her ass good and she masturbated her kitty with the beer bottle. Her belly and tits swayed.
We showered and got dressed before Betty came home. Showering with a BBW pierced, tattooed biker bitch was something to remember by

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  • I wanna ride you like a lawn mower.

  • I picked up a hot, blonde, maybe a little wear on her, biker chick at the sports bar I go to. She was a few seats from me at the bar, but once the guys in the middle of us left, she moved over to me. She had a shot, was talking to me about her "bitch"..Her bike, and put her long, black-polished nails and hand on my thigh, moving up while I got her another shot. I commented on her bitch, and those long, black nails, and knew I had her. We went outside to look at the bike, she jokingly grabbed my ass as I grabbed hers, and I told her I don't live far from the bar.

    That became a trip to my house (I'd already paid our bill inside), and wild sex with this tight-bodied, blonde hair all over the place, I know she was a wild woman in her past, biker woman. She was beautiful, too. I could see that. We went at each other for a good 2 hours before falling asleep, We got up, I took her back for her bike, we had another shot, and she sucked me off in my car before leaving. I'd so jump on a biker woman again. She was way hot.

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