I don't know which is worse

The number of incest and underage stories here, or the people who keep raising their profiles by concern-trolling them.

But I'm leaning towards the people furiously jerking off to how much they performatively hate them.

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  • I often wonder if it is just a few men that post a ton or are there really a ton of perverts that each post their truth

  • Mainly two people write incest stories but every now and then someone else does. But the pedo posts are one sick fuck.

  • Shouldn't be any pedo post at all. I'm ok with adult incest

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls.

  • You shut up lady balls

  • 😎incest=prison

  • Not everywhere jackass

  • Only in 87% of the world lady balls the sister rapist!

  • You come up with all this perverted stuff and it's obviously something you jerk off too and no doubt write all these stories. You have a weird obsession and are clearly unwell

  • Your just one stupid , halfwit clown, so fuck off prick.

  • I agree 100%. The trolling comments are worse than the story.

  • Then stop coming here snowflake.

  • No need for that.

  • What are you a stupid kid. You Like incest or pedophilia? If you do you are a sick fuck and are among a very few people in the world. I quote troll all incest and pedophilia posts. I don't jerk off to them I can't stand them. I will continue to troll the fuck out of them as long as sick fucks keep writing them. This is a stupid way to get me mad because I don't get mad here I get even and more.

  • We can see you can't stand by the way you live on this sight reading these incest stories between fucking your mom or your kids while you read to get another hard for mom and the kids.

  • I can only imagine how sticky your fingers and keyboard must be right now. Did that help? Do you feel any better?

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • Lame! You will make a good bitch in prison.

  • I am sure you are speaking from experience in prison after getting caught having sex with your mom or your kids.

  • Like your whore mom

  • Hard to be a whore when she has been six feet underground for the last 8 years ! Fucking stupid kid.

  • Good point

  • Lame

  • Nothing wrong with adult incest

  • Plenty wrong with it!

  • Not true if it is consensual!!

  • Fuck you lady balls you sick kid.

  • Many would disagree with you

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