How did you lose your virginity?

I heard that the way that some people lose their virginity isn't the way that they imagined it. It was that way for me, but I wanted to know if some people had a good experience.

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  • When i was 12 in our treehouse. I was there with my older brother and friends. It was 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' just kids curious about others bodies, ended in me having sex with brothers friend while brother watched. Seems fucked up now but at the time we were innocent and had no idea what we were doing.

  • I was 15 and had a tough hymen, my then boyfriend kept pushing in and it finally busted. It hurt and I bled.

  • My buddy's father offered to let me bang his girlfriend. I was 16, she looked like Jane Russel.
    We spent the whole night. I lost my first load while I sucked her big tits. The rest of the night was outstanding

  • Was not good it was to my drunken mother when I was 15

  • My first boyfriend and i were so young and awkward that we were more like friends than lovers, but we'd hang out and kiss, hold hands, and hug a bit. It was pretty innocent stuff. Once I was over at his house watching tv with him, and his mom went to the store, leaving us alone. He asked to see what I looked like down there, and tbh I wanted to see what he looked like too. We had been bf/gf for like a month, but that was still a mystery, lol. We ended up playing with each other and seeing him get hard was fantastic. I let him put it in me, and he came in about 20 seconds. I had never seen real cum before, so it was weird. Thankfully I didn't get knocked up, and although it was a lousy fuck, it was really interesting to experience for the first time.

  • My first sexual experiences were homosexual, I was 13 years old looking at porn magazine's with my friend in his garage. We ended up masturbating in front of each other, the second time in the garage we masturbated each other and sucked each other's cocks. We did that a few times that summer, I sucked another boys cock a couple of times about a year later. I was still a virgin until I was 15 years old, that's when I discovered my little sisters pussy. She was 11 years old when I first licked her pussy, she liked it and let me do it a couple of times. Then I talked her into letting me fuck her, we lost our virginity to each other and fucked many times after.

  • I was a twenty yr. old polite southern boy, she was a 36 yr. old estrogen fueled dragon from "Joisey City, New Joisey !" . The whole day and night ( New Years ) she had been abrasive and rude to me and a few friends who were visiting her younger sister. As the day wore into the evening, with drinks, she got worse. I had retreated to a front room with a sofa bed after being run out of a twin bed by her. I awoke with her crawling into bed with me. She was bottomless and humped my leg with a sandpaper buzz-cut crotch. I got hard and stuck out of my boxers. She removed them and pull me on top of and into her. Yeah, it sure wasn't how I imagined and it wasn't very good...for either of us, I'm sure !

  • I didn't remember my first time, but the guys did show me the video afterwards. I was too drunk to remember, I had a threesome, I got pregnant, and I didn't even have sex with my own boy friend.

  • I was 21, it was with some 17 year old girl i didnt know, it wasnt great. after about 3 times and some gonorrhea i decided to call it off.

  • I had known I was gay every since I could remember. I was 17 and he was only 15 but openly gay. His broadminded, liberal and weird parents thought it was incredibly trendy having a gay son. Mine would have kicked me out in the street.
    I went over to his place for a swim and he went under the water, pulled my swimmers down and sucked my cock. Just like that. Somehow he had known I was gay. It was the best feeling I had ever had in my life.
    Then he pushed me under the water and I saw he'd pulled his swimmers down and I sucked his cock. Second best feeling I had ever had in my life.
    He got behind me, held my cock in his left hand and held his cock in his right hand pressing it right on my asshole. He asked me if I wanted to go inside to his room and finish this off. I did.
    We got naked, he bent me over his bed, knelt behind me and slowly and very gently fucked me in the ass. Then he got me to do the same to him. I loved it.

  • My first time was memorable if not exactly praiseworthy. She was 17 and I was 16. We were on her bed, kissing and petting furiously when she suddenly pulled her jeans and panties down. I didn't know what she wanted me to do and I just knelt there staring at her pussy. She began undoing my jeans, reefing at the belt and almost pulling me over.

    She pushed them down to my ankles and pulled me on top of her, grabbed my cock and put it in her. Then I knew what she wanted. It was over in seconds and as we lay there with her arms around me she whispered.

    "How did you know I wasn't a virgin?"
    "How did you know I was?" I said without thinking.

    I realized immediately how idiotic that sounded and she laughed and hugged me tightly. She told me if she'd known she woudl have been more gentle with me. I was dying of embarrassment when I looked behind me and saw that her jeans were still attached to one ankle and she was shaking her leg trying to shake them off.

    It looked so funny. We both burst out laughing and then everything was fine.

    Three years later we got married and lived happily ever after for about 10 years.

  • We were both 16 and my boyfriend and I used to wet hump all the time. It's just like dry humping only we used to get naked and he'd lie on top of me and rub his cock on my pussy until he came on my belly. We didn't really want to have actual sex and we both loved doing this.

    One night though, his cock accidentally went inside me. Oops. That was that.

  • My best friend's 15 year old brother shoved his cock in me when I was 11. That's how I lost mine.

  • Did you like it princess...

  • It was with a guy who was 17 and I was 14. He was way more experienced and he kind of forced me into it. I enjoyed it though.

  • Glad you liked it honey. Hope he was gentle with you..

  • With your mom, I think.

  • We went on a family vacation to the Caribbean when I was 16 years old. I had a girlfriend at home that I was convinced would be my first. I went to the "Teen Club" at the resort we were staying at one night and met up with a girl from my hometown that went to the public high school. We wound up spending a couple hours together that night on the beach and she was my first. I got home a couple days later, broke up with my girlfriend, and dated this girl from vacation until we were seniors in college. We broke up because she was taking a job across the country and I was not prepared to give up the opportunity I had after school to follow her.

  • Had my legs out the back windows of a mini car but the next time it was on holiday and we had it off in the bed and it was great as I was wet and ready .

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