Am I gay just cause I participated in a bukakke?? A few people told me it is so I wanna see what other people say.

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  • I was only 14 and had a delirium on medications and after collapsing and had a strange dream and weird thoughts and woke up thinking I was somewhere else to cope with being violated, so hate me. see if I care! I never harmed anyone! I want to be a teen again so I can be pretty and thin.

  • Do you also like pussy? If so, you are bi-sexual (or similar moniker). If you exclusively pine for cock then you're gay. Pretty simple really.

  • This. If you get off from women, you are bi, not gay.

  • Three facials, five blow jobs, and two hard cocks in your ass: I do not think that means you are gay. Anyway -- "Gay" is just another label. I'm a married man and what I think it means is --- that you should invite me to join your next time so I can give five blow jobs and get ass fucked, too.

  • If you sucked any cock, yes you are gay

  • If you were the one getting cummed on, you are gay

  • If you willing let another man cum on you, yes, that qualifies as gay. All the other guys are just jacking off, but if you're the one they are cumming on I got news for you.

  • How many guys came on you? did you jerk off or get fucked while it happened? are you attracted to men? would you take a man as a lover? would you exclusively date or fuck men over women? How was it? taking all that cum?

  • Well I was really horny and it felt different getting cummed on. It made me horny taking it but that's prob cuz it was a sexual environment. Now when I think about it it is kinda hot. I think 3 guys gave me a facial, I gave 5 guys blowjobs and 2 other guys did fuck me during it and I did jerk off after one of them cummed on my penis for lube but dunno what jerking off hasta do with anything

  • Now that I'm thinking about it that way I would take a man as a lover but not date. I had 2 as lovers that night if you mean lovers as someone who I have sex with because I was fucked twice

  • Were men jacking off all over your face , are you a guy ?

  • Yes I'm a guy and yes, a couple guys did cum on my face and some other things happened

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