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How do I help a friend? I watch her twins of 2 months. The father left her. She breastsfeeds, pumps and stores excess. Clearly she produces a lot of milk because I’ve seen the leakage on her tops. She found a site where she has contact with men who she shares her milk with from the source. I asked her isn’t she afraid she won’t have enough to feed her babies among other things. She told me each man drains her but soon her breasts fill again. They gift her things so she can survive. This can’t be good for anyone. Or is it? She’s not gone long and returns before the babies need her physically again.

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  • If you won’t I will, I love Brest milk...

  • Every woman is different. I always made WAY more milk then my babies ever needed. I didn't feed it to men but after I was done nursing for good I had a LOT of frozen milk in our chest freezer to throw out.

  • Actual advice here as well..... the more she pumps the more she produces ... it only lasts so long .....she'll end up what men call HANGERS not very attractive

  • 2% or whole??

  • Actual advice here. Nursing two babies and selling breast milk is crazy. Her body may be able to adapt but she’ll need lots of supplements and water. She should at least wait until the kids are six months when real food is introduced. Besides formula is damn expensive so I doubt that her milk gives her enough income to support formula use.

  • I think you need to try some of that milk.

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