My sister is pregnant by me

I am 28 now and my sister is 25. My mom and dad were died when I was 18. I told my sister to find a boyfriend for her and should get married. But she denied Everytime told me that she want to leave with me forever.

One day I told her once again you should get married she told me I don't to get married but I want to have babies. I told her that its impossible. Then told me she want to have kids with me. I was totally shocked and surprised. She said if I denies her she will eat poison .

So we ended up having sex she lost her virginity to me and she was so happy that she lost her virginity to me. After few months we came to know that she is pregnant with my child. Currently she is 6 months pregnant with a boy.


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  • I'm a 29 year old mother of a 13 year old son. Two months ago, he got me pregnant. I've managed to convince my husband that he himself is responsible for my condition.

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy but people should use birth control with family

  • Another good true incest story lady balls
    LEESBURG, Fla. – A Florida woman was arrested on incest charges after her baby was born with medical complications and tests performed at Winnie Palmer Hospital showed the child's father was a close relative, according to an arrest report.
    Deputies said Pauline Martin, 33, gave birth to a baby on Nov. 21. The baby had several medical problems when born and was transferred to Winnie Palmer Hospital within hours of its birth. Genetic testing done at the hospital showed that the child's father was a close relative, according to the report.
    The Department of Children and Families was contacted when neither parent filled out the proper Medicaid paperwork for the child or obtained a birth certificate, according to the report.
    Officials with DCF along with Lake County deputies met with the defendant, who told them the baby's father was her biological brother, according to the report. Deputies said she would complete the paperwork the next day, but it was not completed until Feb. 26.Deputies later interviewed Martin at her workplace, McDonald's, where she informed them that she had been in a romantic and sexual relationship with her brother for five years.
    Another happy ending except the child born with several medical problems. So don't say incest is ok and normal.

  • Not all children are born with defects from incest, the rate is still very low. But, genetic testing is advisable for incestuous couples

  • That rate is for cousins incest only. But you know that. Bellow is the rates for sibling and First degree incest mom and son and dad and daughter. If you are gonna spread facts be truthful and show proof. I did.

  • Genetic testing is normally done now at most hospitals when a baby is born and defects and medical problems are at 40% for incest babies. read
    The Problem With Incest
    “Don’t have sex with first-degree relatives.” First-degree relatives are the individuals you share 50 percent of your genes with—your parents, children, and siblings. Indeed, non-human animals have evolved a host of strategies to prevent incest (here). Even plants possess anti-incest mechanisms (here).

    As University of Miami psychologists Debra Lieberman and Adam Smith pointed out in a recent article in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science, humans have social and psychological mechanisms to deter incest. With very few exceptions, marriages between brothers and sisters and between parents and their children are verboten in every human culture. The primary psychological anti-incest mechanism is the yuck response. Even the idea of sex with mom or dad or bro or sis is upsetting to most people. The psychologist Jonathan Haidt has found that nearly everyone is repelled by the prospect of brother-sister sex, even in hypothetical situations in which there is no chance of pregnancy (here).

    The Biological Cost of Incest

    This raises an interesting question: Just what’s so bad about incest? Sure, having sex with your dad or your sister seems gross. But why? Some anthropologists have argued that incest taboos are learned social conventions. This explanation, however, doesn’t make sense to me as it does not explain the widespread existence of anti-incest mechanisms in creatures ranging from cockroaches to chimpanzees (here). Second, the incest taboo is about as close to a universal law as human moral rules get. See next post

  • Why should mechanisms for avoiding incest be so widespread both in nature and across human societies? The answer is simple. The problem with having sex close with relatives is that there is an astonishingly high chance that your offspring will be born with a serious birth defect. Take the results:
    Percent of children with severe birth defects.

    Source: A study of Czechoslovakian children whose fathers were first-degree relatives. Fewer than half of the children who were the product of incestuous unions were completely healthy. Forty-two percent of them were born with severe birth defects or suffered early death and another 11 percent mildly impaired mentally. This study is particularly instructive as it included a unique control group—the offspring of the same mothers but whose fathers were not the mothers’ relatives. When the same women were impregnated by a non-relative, only 7 percent of their children were born with a birth defect See next post.

  • A group of genetic counselors reviewed the research on the biological consequences of sex between relatives (consanguineous relationships) (here). They found a surprisingly small increase (about 4 percent) in birth defects among the children of married cousins. Incest between first-degree relatives, however, was a different story. The researchers examined four studies (including the Czech research) on the effects of first-degree incest on the health of the offspring. Forty percent of the children were born with either autosomal recessive disorders, congenital physical malformations, or severe intellectual deficits. And another 14 percent of them had mild mental disabilities. In short, the odds that a newborn child who is the product of brother-sister or father-daughter incest will suffer an early death, a severe birth defect or some mental deficiently approaches 50 percent. You only post defect rate for cousins incest pregnancy's not First degree incest.
    Look it up .

  • If you read it you see even cockroaches don't have incest. If you have incest you are lower than a cockroach. Plants don't have incest either. These are the real side of incest and birth defects from incest.

  • Not all species follow the same path.

  • Anti-incest mechanisms in creatures ranging from cockroaches to chimpanzees. Our primates kick their young out of the group when they reach maturity and they have to join another group so incest doesn't happen. You sick fucks are lower and dumber than Chimps and monkeys.

  • Chimps are also cannibals as well.

  • If you had sex with her now it's your responsibility to keep her safe and take care of her till the end .

  • Both are responsible

  • Both will be locked up.

  • They shouldn't be

  • Oh yes they should. Say they don't want children period. But birth control is only 98% effective when used. But condoms break and missed brith control pills happen. When they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and the I will pull out doesn't happen and now she's pregnant. She has the baby and it has medical problems they can't afford and now the tax payers have to pay for that kid for as long as it lives. Worse some kid is born with medical defects that he or she has to live with for the rest of their lives and finds out that they are the product of incest. If incest is legal the having kids is also legal.

  • I don't here you talking about people procreating who have hereditary issues??? Should they be banned from having sex as well?

  • Well they should think about it and talk with professionals before deciding to have children. I know if I had a medical problem that would be passed on to a child that fucks him or her for life. I would not be able to live with that on my mind. Would be much safer to adopt a child.

  • You are a product of incest aren't you?

  • Does it matter?

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls.

  • You engrish is better butt still not goodly.

  • You know that as well as foot prints they are taking blood and either storing it for future testing. Some are testing it for DNA genetic deformities and can pick up on incest blood lines. Don't say it is not true. They are enlarging the national DNA data base at a alarming rate. That a your rights to being taking away.

  • Who is your sister saying the father is? There is no way to hide her baby bump at this point. You can't get a pregnant girl pregnant, so I hope you two are fucking each other silly.

  • If she lists unknown then the blood taken at birth will have a DNA test and stored. That way If a guy comes forward and claims to be the father all he has to o is give his DNA to be compared with the baby. But the DNA will also report incestuous relationship.

  • There'll be plenty to report then lol

  • Yup there could be bars in their life too.

  • Yes there is it's called a coat hanger! use it sick fucks.

  • You and your sister will burn in hell for what you have done. Your child will be an screwed up for life. Repent now.

  • Absolute rubbish.

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls. You are so pathetic.

  • You love it

  • I love wrecking your post

  • Not mine lol

  • Anyone’s is ok how do you like these replies

  • Go get an abortion.

  • Fake you both should eat poison. Might I propose antifreeze on ice?

  • Lady balls here lol. Sorry that you lost your parents. What happened between you and your sister is wrong. She should never of blackmailed you to have sex with her. Your sister obviously needs help and shouldn't really be having a child at this time. You have to take a share of the responsibility for this happening. Unfortunately it's grief that has brought you two together and this could be damaging for you both. I support incest and I have experienced family sex myself but under the right circumstances.

    Try to get your sister into therapy before the baby arrives so that there's a chance for her to be in a more healthier frame of mind. I hope you and your sister work it out and who knows you become a couple on more equal terms without blackmail!! Good luck.

  • Fuck you lady balls. This is just as fake as you are. Lost parents now love each other give us break sick fucks.

  • It does happen.

  • Only in your mind lady balls

  • Just look around dip shit lol

  • I do and it's not around me none of my friends or family. It's illegal where I live for the right reasons. Because it is immoral and disgusting.

  • In your opinion

  • Shut the fuck up lady Balls. It is just about everyone's opinion thats why it is illegal. Go on your facebook account and post about your love of incest.

  • You know nothing basement dweller

  • I have a finished basement.

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  • Its fake incest bull shit written by a sick fucking old man. Lady balls this is right up your alley. You wrote this didn't you sick fuck.

  • What? Do you understand genetics?

  • You can't teach this ass hole. He is fucked up in his head.

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