Stepdaughter gives in

My stepdaughter is 25 yrs my junior. I’ve been her stepdad since she was 15. We have always been close and flirted pretty heavy, but thats about it. Until recently. Her Mom has always said we were too close, and rightfully so I guess. We have at times enjoyed cuddling together and our greeting hugs and kisses usually linger a little long, especially if no one is watching. It’s just always felt good to hold each other. I have noticed over the years though, that the few times her Mom actually left us alone for any length of time, she would quickly find something to do, or call someone over. I even called her out on it one day a few years ago, and she actually told me it was because she didn’t trust herself or me for that matter! She is now married with two wonderful kids, and is 31. She’s just as beautiful to me as she has ever been. Well a few weeks ago she came out to my shop while the grandkids were occupied in the house and said she wanted to talk. She then told me that she always avoided being alone with me because she thought that we would end up having sex. She then said if I had ever asked her to do anything sexual she would have jumped at the chance and that she always had a fantasy with me being her first! We had been holding each other the whole time and she proceeded to give me a real passionate kiss! Then said she just has to know what it would be like and at the next opportunity she would make sure something happened! We kissed some more and I felt her up, touching all of those places I would only let happen in my mind up until this point.
From then on we sneak a kiss here or there. She has blown me in places you wouldn’t imagine! A few quickies on vacations with the family out at the pool or on the beach. A few trips to the store together have taken longer than they should have! We even spent one whole day together when her Mom was out shopping with a friend. I don’t think we could ever stop now, I just hope we’re never caught!

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  • Another BS story from a clueless cuck.

  • Don't read it then lol

  • To those of you trying to destroy the post by spamming with anti-incest propaganda, please note that this article says STEP-daughter... so although almost as taboo, not real incest. See Woody Allen marrying his adopted daughter (20 years old) legally for more information... still taboo, but not true incest. Try to put yourself in the other person's shoes... ease up on the hate and criticism, please. Consensual love in all forms should be appreciated and respected.

  • FUCK YOU, Child Molester!!!

  • Fuck you sausage jockey

  • It was bound to happen

  • Lovely

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