Swingers Lifestyle: Part Two

There is a postscript to this story:  technology and the coming of age and availability of personal computers, laptops in particular and me getting a new job.  Still no oral pleasure at home.  My new employer supplied all the sales reps with laptops and company funded cell phones.  I would spend hours in the evenings in my hotel room looking at porn sites and fantasizing a lot!  I am not what you would call tech savvy, my learning curve is quite steep when it comes to technology, all except digital photography.

Somehow I found a site which was the precursor to AFF and Ashley Madison.  I registered and started a search.  At that time the Internet was like the Wild West, it was wide open and it was mostly FREE!  The monetary exploitation had not begun...yet...but it was coming because there was a lot of money to be made!  People wanted things; people wanted to meet other like minded adults; people wanted sex with no strings attached; they wanted fwb's, friends with benefits!

I connected with a lady (call her Ellen) around my age; a single mom, her children were grown up; she lived west of St Louis, how ironic?  We started emailing, then calling each other during the day when our schedules permitted. We got heavy into phone sex.  She was totally into oral pleasure in every way.  She learned about my situation and we made plans to meet up next time I could get to St Louis for business and maybe some adult monkey business???

Ellen was my introduction to BBW; she was a big girl in every way, taller than me and the painter Rubens would have had a fun time painting Ellen posing nude for him, she was very outgoing that way.  Ellen was an arm full, there was a lot of her to hug and hold and squeeze.  We had dinner together, my treat, of course, then back to the Red Roof Inn where I had a room.  The TV was on for background noise while we got better acquainted on the king sized bed.  We were in no rush, she had planned to stay the night with me.  We were still dressed from dinner.  I remember Ellen getting off the bed and slowly undressing while making naughty comments.  She took each article of clothing and set it neatly on a pile next to the TV; each part she took off, she would model her body.  I could not take my eyes off of her.  She had very pale skin; she was totally into the private show she was giving me; so was I for that matter.  BLUSH!!!   I don't remember her bra size, I am not sure I even bothered to ask.  Suffice it to say her chest was extra extra large.
OH MY!   There was a LOT to enjoy!   Her panties were the last thing to come off.  She twirled around so I could see her front and back.  She had shaved herself down below. I was in a T shirt and boxers when she got on the bed next to me, now she was nude.  She was the first woman I met who could suck her own nipples and she demonstrated that talent for me.  She was the first woman I met who shaved; I thought that was sooooo sexy, no pubic hair at all.  OH MY!  She propped herself up on the pillows and started to pleasure herself while I got close and watched.  Of course she was talking naughty at the same time.  She was really into the moment; it was obvious she was getting really turned on putting on the private show for me. No toys, just her fingers.  One thing about Ellen, when she pleasured herself she got very very wet.  When we had phone sex she would put the phone down below and I could hear how wet she was; not only could I hear how wet she was making herself, I got to see it in person now.  She was really turning me on, which was her intention.  She undressed me and I was ready.  We got very comfortable then she took me in her mouth.  Unlike with Dee Ann, this time I was almost fully erect and the pleasure was beyond my anticipation.  Everything Ellen did to me with her lips and mouth and tongue, she could have given lessons on how to give a guy oral pleasure.  She brought me to the brink numerous times, only to relax and let me recover before doing more to me.  She worked on me for what seemed a half hour at least; she took me to a place I had never been to before.  Then she turned up the volume all the way, drained every last drop out of me and swallowed it all...and gave me the sweetest smile. We turned off the lights, I wrapped my arms around her as best I could; she put my one hand on one of her breasts and we fell asleep skin on skin. 

We had breakfast in bed before we both had to go to work.  I woke up around 5:30 am; I woke up because Ellen was busy giving me another lip and mouth massage; I was her breakfast.  It had been less than six hours since she had expertly given me oral pleasure and here she was, having her way with me again with her lips and mouth and tongue.  She was amazing, the pleasure she gave me was off the charts.  I have had the pleasure of receiving oral attention from a couple of ladies since; Ellen could have given them all lessons, she was that good at what she did to me. She worked on me for a good half hour; once again she swallowed everything she drained out of me and gave me that nice sweet smile.  And drain me she did, in more ways than physically.  The drive back north from St Louis to the Chicago area was a real challenge for me, my knees/legs felt almost rubbery; along the way I had to stop at a rest area and take a nap; that's how drained I was.  We met up a couple more times in St Louis, but we never did anything physical again except share some hugs.

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