I recently started working at my wife’s job being a health screener for COVID-19. It’s a pretty steady job with a lot of interaction with employees. So lately myself and my wife sex has been meh as they say. I want it more everyday but my wife wants it only one day a week. We are newlyweds, and I thought the first few years we would be like rabbits. I have brought my concerns to her and I feel it goes in one ear and out the on that note things aren’t going great. We work in 2 different departments so I might see her once or twice a day. Anyway I have a lot of time to myself since I work alone. But lately there’s been a few of her coworkers that have given me plenty of looks an said some suggestive things. But there is this one employee that when she pulls into my station, she’s just this cute chubby nurse that likes speaking with me. It’s bad that I have already fantasized some about her but I can’t help it. She’s given me the I’d fuck you look plenty of times, I wear scrubs so she’s seen that I show no mystery. I’m not the cheating kind of man and I believe in staying faithful and trying to work things out. But the less intimacy I’m being dealt with is really affecting me. And I’m not dumb enough to try something especially where my wife works. I just enjoy the attention lately that’s pretty much it... at least it’s some kind of attention.

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  • COVID fling: I see the local radio traffic girl at our complex mailbox area. She's cute, chubby, big tits and an amazing sexy voice -- why she has that job. Well last April she gets laid off, there is no traffic and it's expensive flying her around. I always flirt with her when I see her, invite her to my place (which means to fuck-- she gets that) she thanks, but no thanks---- Well she's gets laid off and can't see her boyfriend. he lives with his parents and in hibernation. I see her at the mail boxes (i don't know the BF situation yet) she says that invite still good? She's just amazing in bed. She can't get enough. I'm working from home (hardly) and getting paid to fuck her. Work related I nickname her pussy Cloverleaf. She gets called back and works in "Cloverleaf" in her reports. I could be driving, she comes on and I get a hard on. The BF still won't fuck her.. aw shucks.

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