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I used to share my girlfriend with my roommate when we were in college. My girlfriend and I were virgins and after a few weeks of dating we had sex. Then a couple of months later my roommate walked in while I was balls deep in my girlfriend. After I pulled out I noticed that he was standing there watching. My girlfriend looked at me and then asked my roommate if he wanted a turn. Of course he did and after he undressed she guided him into her. I stood back and watched as he lost his virginity into her just like I had months before.
After he finished, I reentered her and went for a while until I finished and he took another turn in her. During the night we both did her again and in the morning when I woke up he was doing her again.
We continued having sex with her until we finished college. A year later I asked her to marry me and we set a date for the next summer. My roommate was my best man and he joined us on our wedding night and on our honeymoon. After he moved in with us and we have lived together for over 40 years now. We have four children and believe from their looks that we both fathered two of them.

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  • Great Story - Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What a fantastic situation! Congratulations to all three of you!

    I took my wife's virginity soon after we started dating. About 10 years ago she started fucking my best friend, and now it's just a normal part of our lives.

  • My wife said her college boyfriend and roommate spit roast her. Only the bf in her pussy. The BJ was sort of payment for putting up with them fucking all night 5' away. How could a young guy see sex all night and not get off himself.
    She said it was fun for her and she had a BF permission slip. And she loves sucking dick. Would you do it again (she's 42) "Fuck no, I was 19 then and I'm married to you, dumb ass."

  • You both cannot father a child. 1 sperm fertilizes 1 egg. Weren't paying attention in biology class?

  • She has had four children. By their looks two were from my sperm and two from his. My wife and I are light skinned with blue eyes and he is a darker skinned person, he's not black, with brown eyes. Two children have blue eyes and lighter skin and two have brown eyes and darker skin. Some of our friends have commended to us that our friend must have fathered two of our children.

  • Living the dream!

  • Married a real slut. At least she not stingy with giving her body away. Probably been banging anything with a dick. Two men constantly. Bet it's so loose it has an echo sound like the grand Canyon

  • Like and old catcher's mitt
    Still plenty of fun, testing the 2 hour boner limit.

  • She has only fucked the two of us. She says that two men are perfect for her. Don't you wish you were my roommate or me?

  • I wish I was her!

  • Beautiful

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