Christmas Office Parties Ahead!

We all know that sex and work don't mix. Except when they do. And we're talking Christmas office parties here. Bosses will be on the prowl, but it won't seem like work. Employee spouses will be there. There will be alcohol.

That married woman you see at work and just can't get out of mind.
That guy who is seems just a bit stayed but is definitely hot and fun.

You've wished you could lay this or that one. And as office staff and spouses get merry and tipsy, things can happen. Imagine several people coordinating a planned seduction of someone you've wanted for years! Ever considered something like this?

Now you've heard of it, what will you do?

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  • I use to work for a large corporation so Christmas parties are a big deal. A few years ago I was sitting across from one of my district managers wife. She was in her 50's and very attractive. We made eye contact over dinner quite a few times and the next thing I know I felt her foot in my lap. I looked over at her and she smiled. Somehow I was able to rub her nylon foot under the table cloth without getting noticed by her husband. I knew what she wanted so I unzipped my pants and let her feel my cock. Her nylon foot felt amazing. In a matter of minutes I remember cumming on her foot that night with a generous amount of my sperm, all the while her stupid husband talked about his golf game.
    I ended up having an affair with his wife which lasted several months until I left the company.

  • Excellent! Thank you for this. Have a merry next December!

  • Not when I was an employee, but, an independent contractor. Went to an office party a company I and my close female friend and business associate had, even though neither of us wanted to go. She and I spent a lot of time together, and something sexual was bound to happen. Pretty, petite, dark-haired woman with a sly, sexy smile and great blue eyes. We went, thinking stay maybe an hour, then go for a drink ourselves, but, the more she and we talked to people and the drinks flowed there, became a bit more physical together, in public, than ever.

    Took some pics together, and, with my arm around her, grabbed her ass, making her laugh. Sitting at a small table next to each other, I felt her soft, tiny hand on my leg, moving up as she smiled and flirted. We ended up in an unused room (the office was a converted Victorian home, and had full bathrooms and what were once bedrooms), first just kissing and having fun, then we said "Everyone thinks we're fucking anyway (which was true..most of our business group were convinced we were a couple, and even the asshole in charge of the company would "guy joke" with me about what she and I did while on the road)...We may as well, right now".

    With that, we threw chair pads on a conference table, stripped each other, and had a good fuck in that unused room. When we returned to the party to say our good-byes, I'm still sure that people knew..We had that look, and she was a bit glued to me. No one ever said a word about it, and neither did we to anyone else. But I'm still sure it was known that we were fucking in the unused room during that holiday party.

  • Excellent! The dynamics you describe are PERFECT!

  • The farthest I’ve gone at a company party was going out to my car with a single female coworker and making out with her. This year could be interesting though, one of the young women in my office is newly single and seems to be interested in me...

  • Sweet! Tell us how things go!

  • Last year my husband got wasted, another coworker shared a uber with us home, during the ride home, I found myself making out with him, and being fingered at the same time. He helped me carry my husband inside, and we fucked on the couch next to my husband. Then moved to the bedroom. After we finished, his coworker Mat, went through my drawers and asked me to model for him, I couldn't resist and he just snapped away. I even let him video us having sex. We exchanged numbers but I blocked him the next day, and had to get plan B. Mat keeps asking my husband to come over, and I make excuses for him not too. Wonder what's gonna happen this year

  • Interesting! Keep safe, have fun!

  • This may be time for you to broach the subject of an MFM and let it be known in no uncertain terms that you want Mat to be involved too.

  • At our last company Christmas party I found myself in the stairwell leading to the basement on my knees sucking one of my co workers off. Later that same night I was back down that stairwell bent over holding on to the railing while getting fucked from behind by a different man. All this with my husband hanging around the party not really knowing anyone. Both the guy I sucked off and the guy that fucked me came to our table afterward to sit and talk to him. It was a fun night.

  • LOL! That is absolutely choice!

  • My husbands boss fingered me... that was fun

  • I once arrived at our company's holiday party to find our busty blond 19 yo intern getting spit roasted in one of the conference rooms by a couple of managers twice her age. She asked if I wanted to join, but I turned her down, since the guys had already given her some nut and I was worried that I'd get a disease. It was too bad, because she was hot.

  • Well played bro. Too risky to chance STD's, rape allegations and sexual assault charges at that point.

  • Sweet ... perhaps you can take a rain check some time ... ;)

  • Having my office holiday party in about a week, and looking forward to it. It's nice to dance with guys that I've been attracted to at work. I've never had a chance to get laid, as my husband is always around, but I love sneaking a little kiss under the mistletoe and whispering a few naughty things. It is always a big turn-on.

  • Wear mistletoe around your neck, then when people notice and want to kiss you they’ll have to kiss your tits first. Works for me!!!

  • Beautiful! This year, find a way to push the envelope a little. When you kiss this guy, put your arms around his waist. If you can, let a hand slip down his cheeks, slip it between them, and rim his anus ... just a bit.

    Is there any chance of implementing a system such as the woman further down on this page has done -- other women [co-workers] keep your husband entertained as you do the dirty? Even if not, it's hot to consider ...

  • Our party is at a hotel, I guess they figure people will stay there if they drink to much. Two years ago I got a room so I could drink and have some fun, one of my female coworkers asked me if I was taking a cab home. I told her I am already home, got a room in the hotel. She started partying along with me and about two hours later we were in the room and naked. I already booked a room for this year and she asked me if I was doing the same thing this year. I looked at her and told her I sure hope so, she smiled back at me and told me she was up for it.

  • Excellent! This sounds promising! Nice to think that she still remembers...

  • Our big boss was a rel stick man when pissed, before each Xmas party we would hide a cam in his office it astounded me the girls that would go in there on the night to give head or be shagged, takes all types I suppose

  • Christmas parties are my favorite, my company goes CRAZY. More booze than you could ever drink. People fucking in offices and closets. Two years ago a guy bent me over the copier and we made copies of my tits while he fucked me. Anyone who gave me back a copy got to suck my tits. I went home with cum running down my legs, I never found those panties, and my nipples were sore and red. I started joking I was Rudolph the Red Tit Reindeer.

  • Lol, I've done the copier thing too, though the guys convinced me to sit on it to get an ass/pussy pic. A couple of the guys also made copies of their dicks and we traded pics at the party. Cheapest gifts ever, and it was funny at the time. We were way, way drunk.

  • This reminds me of the year I was breastfeeding, and instead of doing a pump and dump I let some drunk horny coworkers empty my tits for me.

  • This is only proper. That's how tits are SUPPOSED to be emptied ...

  • Oh god that is so hot!!

  • Sweet! I'd have taken my copy and made more ... give you one every day of the year! You understand what it is to put the 'merry' in Christmas!

  • Maybe Merry Slutmiss may be more apt, I hope these disgusting activities are conducted with only single worker's or married with both parties having full knowledge.
    I wonder how you face your coworkers in the New Year ?

  • How quaintly neo-Victorian! So what exactly brings you here?

  • Sounds like face down, anytime they want.

  • If you see a woman at a party and she is a Trump supporter then grab her and do what you want to her. Tell her to pretend it’s Trump groping her and she better not tell or you will tell HR about her past slut behavior.

  • Doesn't matter about her past slut behavior. What matters is if your or his current behavior is unwanted. Bro you will lose that one every time. If that isn't enough when she mentions anything about your political motives HR will fire you on the spot. Your snowflake thinking is how this country got so fucked up in the first place. Electing the serial philanderer Bill Clinton then following that up with the Kenyan queerbate Obama, blow job queen of the Chicago bath houses.

  • Trump is not worthy to stoop at Vladimir Putin's feet and untangle his jock strap.

  • Yeah that’s probably what each sex offender thinks. Not in this environment anymore. Don’t risk it.

  • Environment. Yes -- the milieu of intimidation and fear. Perhaps the best way to address that is to defy it by our actions. Remember, we're talking consenting adults here. The Democrat Party/Intelligence Community/Petty Bourgeoisie media [NYT, etc.] neo-McCarthy style campaign notwithstanding, Christmas Office Parties will not be forestalled!

  • Don't forget the wives of co workers -- I've had a few 'dances' with some spouses through the years! And those are the best kind, because you only see them a time or two through the year but the chemistry is purely electric when you do see each other.

  • Exactly! Plus the alcohol and merriment kicks it up a level. Hot! Hot! Hot!

  • The girls at my job, I love them, we have a great system going. Every year at our holiday party, the girls would keep my husband busy while I hooked up with a co-worker, and when I returned I returned the favor while they go and hook up. One year my husband didn't attend the party, and it turned out to be an all nighter for me, I didn't get home until 5am, 30 missed calls from my husband. We got a hotel room and just went at it, it wasn't no quickie. We ran out of condoms, and I decided to take him raw, he was unreal, he busted like 3 times, before I took him raw, and still had cum left over to fill my pussy, when I met up with my friend to go home, she said I smelled of sex, I could barely walk, and the cum was just dripping out of me

  • Excellent! That is EXACTLY what I meant by 'several people planning a coordinated seduction!' Thank you so much for taking the time to post!

  • I’m going to do your wife in the server room that’s what

  • That's a start. But seriously -- have you given any thought to office party sex?

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